Current Tenders, Quotations and EOIs

Unless otherwise stated documents for the works shown below are available for download free of charge from Council's e-tendering portal.
Contact numbers for assistance with the use of this portal are provided on the tendering site.


Ref Closing Time  Closing Date  Type   Description Documents 
54111E 10:00AM 18/10/2016 Tender Construction of Roundabouts - South Nowra & Ulladulla Tender
54012E 10:00AM 20/10/2016 Tender Water Meter Reading Services Tender
54141E 10:00AM 27/10/2016 Quotation Manufacture Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Quotation
53583E 10:00AM 01/11/2016 Tender Naval College Rd, Worrowing Heights between Pine Forest Rd and Seagrass Ave Tender
54266E 10:00AM 08/11/2016 Tender Jerberra Estate Pavement Completion Works Tender
54302E 10:00AM 08/11/2016 EOI Supply & Installation of Fleet Management System EOI



Ref Closing Time Closing Date Type Description
LGP-738135 10:00AM 05/10/2016 Tender Provision of Security Services
53762E 10:00AM 10/10/2016 Quotation Construct and Install cover over weightbridge at West Nowra Waste Facility
53762E 10:00AM 11/10/2016 Tender Vincentia Telecommunications Tower Replacement