Community Development Grants

The Community Grants Program enables community groups and organisations to design, implement and complete projects that support and enhance the lives of residents of the Shoalhaven.

Community Development Grants will be offered annually.

Grants workshops will be conducted for community members, groups, organisations in April/May each year. These workshops will develop ideas for projects. At the end of each workshop project ideas will be presented to the whole meeting. A popular vote will be held on which projects will be progressed to the development stage.

A maximum of twelve ideas will be progressed to application stage.

Community Development staff will work with each project to develop it for grant application. Staff will assist in finding an auspicing body for the application (if necessary).

An application for grant funding is not a guarantee of funding. Each application will be assessed on its own merit.

If an application is not successful advice will be provided to the applicant of alternate funding possibilities.

Applications are due at close of business on June1st each year.

Grants will be offered up to a maximum of $2000.


  1. The Community Grants Program aims:
    • Building diverse, connected and united communities
    • Building creative, engaged and learning communities
    • Building a healthy and active community that feels safe
    • Building sustainable and socially responsible communities
  2. Promote the development and implementation of a range of community based projects that are aligned with Key Result Area 1 People of the Shoalhaven Community Strategic Plan.

  3. Encourage a supportive approach to innovative community programs that build social equity and address identified community needs.

  4. Assist in developing a range of innovative Community Development Programs.

  5. Facilitate equitable distribution of community resources throughout the Shoalhaven.

  6. Support the Community Strategic Plan Vision: To work together in the Shoalhaven to foster a safe and attractive community for people to live, work, stay and play; where sustainable growth, development and environmental protection are managed to provide a unique and relaxed lifestyle.


  1. Based in the Shoalhaven. Projects must be located in the Shoalhaven local government area. Applications for projects from State, National or Regional bodies must be submitted by, administered by and be for the direct benefit of a Shoalhaven based branch.

  2. Incorporated Association. Organisations must be legally constituted or auspiced by an incorporated association.

  3. ABN The organisations or auspicing body must have an Australian Business Number.

  4. Not-For-Profit Organisations. Only not-for-profit community based organisations are eligible for funding under the grants program. Therefore individuals, for profit companies and service clubs who intend to supplement their fund raising for a third party's project are ineligible.

  5. One Project Per Funding Cycle. Council will only support one event/project per organisation per funding cycle. Therefore, a maximum of one project per organisation will be funded each year.

  6. No Political Affiliation. The organisation requesting financial assistance should not be a political party and should not be affiliated or associated either directly or indirectly with any political party whether registered or not.

  7. Community Strategic Plan. Projects must conform to goals and strategies of Key Result Area 1 People of the Shoalhaven Community Strategic Plan.

  8. Clearly Identified Purpose or Project. The grant is a contribution towards a clearly identifiable purpose or project. Financial assistance will be used only for purposes as detailed in the original application.

  9. Recurrent/Ongoing Expenses. Any financial assistance that is provided by Council will not result in the proposed activity becoming dependent on Council for future funds. The Community Grants Program will not fund recurrent/ongoing expenses eg. salaries, insurance, rent etc.

  10. Evaluation and Financial Acquittal. An evaluation of the funded purpose is required, including a breakdown of how the grant was spent including receipts (where possible) and number of participants, at the completion of the project. If this step is not complied with the organisation will not be eligible for further grants until the Evaluation and Financial Acquittal is returned.

  11. Council Acknowledgement. The organisation receiving financial assistance will publicly acknowledge Council's contribution on their promotional material where appropriate.

  12. Not a Government Agency/Authority. Applications will not be accepted from Government Agencies and/or Authorities.

Applications must include:

  1. A completed application form, ensuring that all details have been provided.

  2. The organisation's latest audited financial statement, or where an organisation is not subject to audit requirements, a statement of income and expenditure over the past 12 months must be provided.

  3. A copy of the organisation's most recent Annual Report.

  4. A copy of the organisation's constitution or Statement of Aims and Objectives if a new applicant, or where these details have changed since a previous application.

  5. All other relevant information has been attached e.g. quotes.


Acquittal form (PDF, 140kb)
Objectives Guidelines (PDF, 110kb)

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