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Shoalhaven Heads - Jerry Bailey Oval & Hay Avenue

Community Engagement has been undertaken in relation to a proposal for a toilet in Jerry Bailey Oval .  Council has met with representatives of the Shoalhaven Heads Community Forum and the Shoalhaven Heads Lions Club.

The Shoalhaven Heads Community Forum has requested a toilet at Jerry Bailey Oval, Shoalhaven Heads. Council has received 33 requests for new public amenities and this location has been identified as 15th in ranking. Current priority is to replace existing public amenities.

It was identified that the current toilet strategy has an option to investigate the future use the public amenities at Hay Avenue, Shoalhaven Heads which has an identified 10 year economic life remaining. This public amenity has served the community well  since its construction in 1975,  however it has low utilisation and the question was posed can greater good be gained from a public amenity in another location and operating costs transferred .

Since Hay Avenue was constructed in 1975, public amenities have been constructed in Shoalhaven Heads at

  • Curtis Reserve - Celia Parade
  • River entrance
  • Wharf off River Road
  • Vic Zealand Reserve

& refurbished at

  • Gumley Reserve – Surf Club

Your comments as a patron of this public amenity (toilet) are appreciated!

Council appreciates your time and welcomes feedback in relation to the proposal.

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