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Shoalhaven Sports Board

The purpose of the Shoalhaven Sports Board is to liaise on the provision of the strategic development of sports in the Shoalhaven to maximise the benefits to the people of Shoalhaven.


Aims and objectives 


  • Formulate policies on the use of grounds in the City of Shoalhaven and make suitable recommendations to Council
  • To advise Council on the need for additional sporting facilities in the City
  • To establish priorities for the development of facilities in the City including both sport and recreation and to make suitable recommendations to Council
  • To set priorities for government grants for sport and recreation facilities in the City
  • To make recommendations to the Council on the setting of fees and charges for the use of Council sporting and recreational facilities
  • Make recommendations to Council with respect to the setting of budgets for the administration of sports within the City of Shoalhaven
  • To consider applications for licensing/leasing for the care, control and management of facilities by sporting and recreational organisations
  • To facilitate communication between the sporting public and Council in order that the existing and future needs and requirements of those participating, and those existing and future needs and requirements of those administering sports, are accurately identified and brought to the attention of Council, and
  • To promote the role and scope of sport and recreation to the Shoalhaven community.

Shoalhaven Sports Board membership

Community Members:

David Chapple

Syd Weller

David Goodman

Roger Walker

Andrew Johnstone

Elaine Caswell

Barry Horton

Ian Cockburn

Malcolm Campbell

NSW Sport & Recreation Representative:

Catherine Campbell

Elected Councillors:



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