Lost and found pets
If you find a lost pet without a collar and tag, contact Council and an Animal Management Officer will attend and scan the animal.  Alternatively, you can take it to a vet or the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter (Pound) where it will be scanned for a microchip to get the contact details for the owner.

If your pet is lost, you must contact Council, providing the following information:

  1. Date, time and location where your animal went missing
  2. Microchip number and/or last recorded address where animal kept
  3. Description of your animal e.g. breed, colour, size, name, age, gender, distinguishing marks
  4. Confirm your current details

Is your missing pet at the shelter?
Date Arrived: 5/11/16
Tag: 8896
Name: Halo
Breed: American Staffy
Sex: Male
Microchip: Yes, details outdated
Found:  Sussex Inlet
Date Arrived: 5/11/16
Tag: 8895
Name: Pumpkin
Breed: Domestic
Sex: Desexed Male
Microchip: Yes, details outdated
Found: Ulladulla
Date Arrived: 10/11/16
Tag: 5337
Name: Unknown
Breed: Staffy X
Sex: Female
Microchip: No
Found: Nowra
Date Arrived: 12/11/16
Tag: 5375
Name: JD
Breed: Labrador
Sex: Desexed Male
Microchip: Yes, details outdated
Found:  North Nowra
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Fax: (02) 4422 1816
E-mail: Ranger Services

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