Verons Estate (updated 3 November 2014)

The Verons Estate subdivision (DP9897) at Sussex Inlet contains 32 lots and was registered in 1920.  

New planning controls commenced on 31 October 2014
The Verons Estate rezoning (Amendment No. 1 to SLEP 2014) was notified on 5 September and commenced on 31 October 2014.  The amendment gives effect to the Planning Proposal exhibited in 2013.  Click here to open the Shoalhaven LEP 2014 webpage. Click here to open the exhibited Planning Proposal. (PDF 3 mb). Associated documentation can also be viewed on DP&I's LEP tracking website.

Development Control Plan (DCP) 'Chapter S1' - Verons Estate

'Chapter S1 - Verons Estate' forms part of the new overall Shoalhaven DCP. Shoalhaven DCP, including Chapter S1 came into effect on 22 October 2014.    Click here (opens new window) to go the Shoalhaven DCP page and Chapter S1.  Chapter S1 provides additional objectives, controls and guidance in regard to the rezoning that commences on 31 October 2014, to enable one dwelling per lot on Lots 1 to 19.  It includes details on bushfire risk management, biodiversity conservation and water quality management.  Click here (1 mb pdf - opens new window) to view the report on the Draft DCP that was considered by Council prior to exhibition.  (This includes the Draft DCP that was attached to the report.) Click here (1.6 mb pdf - opens new window) to view the report considered by Council on the exhibition outcomes.

Road upgrades

The cost of upgrading the roads in the Estate will have to be met by the benefitting landowners in accordance with Council's longstanding position.  At this stage the exact cost is not known. Council’s Delivery Program & Operational Plan 2015/2016 states: Additional Funding of $1.9m has also been included to upgrade the road network in Veron’s Estate in 2016/17. This will be covered by a loan funded by a Special Rate, subject to Council approval and landowner consultation.

Further information on Verons Estate and the rezoning investigations is available below: