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Bushcare Groups

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Shoalhaven Bushland Clean Up
Coordinator:   Angela Watzinger
Phone: 0432 066 238

Ulladulla High School
Coordinator:   Stuart McDonell
Phone: 0409 545 764
Workdays: 9:00am various days 3x a term

Millards Creek Corridor Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Rae & Neil Duffy
Workdays: 4th Monday of each month at 9:00am

Pulpit Hill
Coordinator:   Keith & Yvonne* Hazlewood
Phone: 4422 1214 / 0412 445 805
Suburb: Bamarang

Bangalee Bushcare
Regeneration of Bangalee Reserve on the Shoalhaven River
Coordinator:   Leonard White
Phone: 0406 412 911
Workdays: Every Saturday morning
Suburb: Bangalee

Smiths Bay Bushcare Group
Foreshore restoration and walking tracjk construction and maintenance of the Boat Ramp to Boat Ramp
Coordinator:   Frances & David * Hesford
Phone: 4443 6324
Workdays: 2nd and 3rd Friday of each month 8:30am
Suburb: Basin View

Basin View- Tallyann Point
Foreshore restoration of Tallyan Point
Coordinator:   Megan Mulligan
Phone: 4443 4764 / 0421 968 637
Workdays: Last Tuesday of every month 9am - 12pm
Suburb: Basin View

Bawley Point - Kioloa Bushcare Group
Restoration of coastal bsuhland, beaches, headlands and wetlands in and around Bawley & Kioloa
Coordinator:   Sybille Davidson
Phone: 44572669
Workdays: 3rd Monday of each month at 1:00 pm
Suburb: Bawley Point

Southern Shoalhaven Beaches Clean Up Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Mary Tekis
Phone: 4441 2842 / 0457 082 192
Workdays: Mary and michael do beach cleanup
Suburb: Berrara

Camp Quality Reserve - Bundewallah Creek
Coordinator:   Jeanne Highland
Phone: 0401 226 567
Workdays: 3rd sundays 9-11
Suburb: Berry

Broughton Vale Bushcare Group
Riparian restorationn of the upper Broughton Mill Creek
Coordinator:   Kelvin Officer
Phone: 4464 2925
Workdays: On a needs be basis
Suburb: Berry

Mt Coolangatta Bushcare
Restoration of the Wet Scleropyhll and Rainforest of Mt Coolangatta Reserve
Coordinator:   Nola & Bill Barker
Phone: 4464 1138/0409446418
Workdays: Wednesday
Suburb: Berry

The Bundewallah Bushcare Group
Restoration of Illawarra Sub Tropical Rainforest and Walking Track maintenance
Coordinator:   John & Lyn Clark
Phone: 4464 3911
Workdays: Last Sunday of each month 2pm
Suburb: Berry

Moeyan Hill Bushcare
Restoration of the Moeyan Hill reserve (incluidng Sub Tropical Rainforest)
Coordinator:   Bill Pigott
Phone: 4464 3241
Workdays: Every 2nd Month on Saturday
Suburb: Berry

Frogs Hollow Bomaderry Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Trevor Layton
Phone: 4423 3498
Suburb: Bomaderry

Lower Mulgen Creek Bushcare Group
Regeneration of the riparian vegetation along the lower sections of Mulgen Creek, Bomaderry
Coordinator:   Allan & Brenda Sloane
Phone: 4421 5910
Workdays: 3rd Saturday of the month
Suburb: Bomaderry

Bomaderry Creek Landcare Group
Restoration of the Bomaderry Creek bushland reserve
Coordinator:   David Andersen
Phone: 4422 7997
Workdays: Saturdays
Suburb: Bomaderry

Bream Beach Bushcare
Restoration of the crown foreshore reserve at Breams Beach
Coordinator:   Kim Landy
Phone: 0412 626 563
Workdays: Needs be basis
Suburb: Breams Beach

Callala Bay Boat Ramp Reserve Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Joanne & Brian Muller
Phone: 4447 3600 / 0413 404 461
Suburb: Callala Bay

Wowley Creek Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Frank Taylor
Phone: 0409212345
Suburb: Callala Bay

Callala Bushcare Group
Restoration of Callala Creek Bushland Reserve, Myola and Callala foreshore
Coordinator:   John & Robyn* Hawksworth
Phone: 4446 4793
Workdays: Every Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00 am
Suburb: Callala Beach

Cudmirrah-Berrara Bushcare Group
Restoration of various coastal reserve in and around Cudmirrah & Berrara
Coordinator:   Beverly Endicott
Phone: 4441 0466
Workdays: 1st Saturday of each month 9-11
Suburb: Cudmirrah - Berrara

Allerton Bushcare Group
Working on Dune restoration at Culburra Beach
Coordinator:   Muriel Ellis
Phone: 4447 4547 / 0411 331 547
Workdays: Needs be basis
Suburb: Culburra Beach

Farrant Avenue Bushcare Group
Dune Restoration at Warrain Beach
Coordinator:   Jane Coleman
Phone: 9698 3520 M 0438 005700
Workdays: On a needs be basis
Suburb: Culburra Beach

Lake Wollumboola Bushcare Group
Bush Regeneration of northern foreshore reserves at Lake Wollumboola & Shorebird monitoring
Coordinator:   Frances Bray
Phone: 4447 2185 - 0429 104 812
Workdays: Last Friday of the month 9am
Suburb: Culburra Beach

Mia Way Bushcare Group
Dune restoration of Culburra beach around Mia Way
Coordinator:   Alex & Jan Reid
Phone: 62926396 /4447 3282
Workdays: Needs be basis
Suburb: Culburra Beach

Parsons Bushcare Group
Dune restoration on the northern part of Culburra beach
Coordinator:   Bernard & Faye Parsons
Phone: 4447 3451
Suburb: Culburra Beach

Shoalhaven Community Volunteer Nursery
Native plant propogation
Coordinator:   Kerry Thompson
Phone: 0434 566 273
Workdays: Last Sunday of the month
Suburb: Culburra Beach

The Marina Bushcare Group
Dune restoration of Culbura beach
Coordinator:   Lynette Liddy
Phone: 0410 493 443
Workdays: 2nd weds or thurs of each month- 12:30
Suburb: Culburra Beach

Currarong Village Bushcare Group
Coastal restoration of various natural areas around and within the Currarong village
Coordinator:   Siobhan Berkery
Phone: 4448 3710
Workdays: 3rd Saturday of the month
Suburb: Currarong

Currarong Dunecare
Coordinator:   Jennifer Bull & Tony Lund*
Phone: 4448 3246/412 353 605
Suburb: Currarong

Depot Beach Bushcare Group
Weed removal on Depot Beach
Coordinator:   Leonie & Peter* Kestel
Phone: 4478 7536
Workdays: On a needs be basis
Suburb: Depot Beach

Dolphin Point Bushcare Group
Regeneration and restoration of the coastal headland at Dolphin Pt
Coordinator:   Jacqueline Wilkes/Alex Walburn
Phone: 4454 1461
Workdays: 2nd or 3rd Saturday of each month at 9.30 am
Suburb: Dolphin Point

Huskisson Woollamia Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Roger Hart
Phone: 043849-1761
Suburb: Huskisson

Hyams Bushcare
Coastal restoration of Hyams Beach reserves
Coordinator:   Julienne McKay
Phone: 0438 584 825
Workdays: 2nd, 4th & 5th Monday every month- 9am
Suburb: Hyams Beach

Friends of the Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby Bushcare Group
Riparian restoration and recovery of theBrush Tailed Rock Wallaby
Coordinator:   Chris Pryor
Phone: 4465 1095
Workdays: Needs be basis
Suburb: Kangaroo Valley

Sydney Bush Walkers Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Don Finch
Phone: 0418 417 593
Workdays: Contact Coordinator for details
Suburb: Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley Environment Group
Coordinator:   Peter & Rosemary* Stanton
Phone: 4465 1688
Suburb: Kangaroo Valley

Kings Point Bushcare Group
Coastal Restoration of various natural areas around the village of Kings Point
Coordinator:   Karen Bulbert
Phone: 0404 787 537
Workdays: 1st Saturday of the month, 9:00am
Suburb: Kings Point

Kioloa Bushcare Group
Coordinator:   Peter & Barbara White
Phone: 4457 2251
Suburb: Kioloa

Lake Conjola Bushcare Group
Restoration of the Conjola Beach dunes
Coordinator:   Cathy & Dave Ardron
Phone: 0425 213 015
Workdays: First Friday of each month, 9:00am
Suburb: Lake Conjola

Tabourie Bushcare Group
Bush , dune and estuary regeneration
Coordinator:   Kaye Milsom
Phone: 4457 3406
Workdays: Every Wednesday 8.30am
Suburb: Lake Tabourie

Red Head Villages Bushcare Group
Dune and headland restoration of Cunjurong Pt, Inyadda Bch, Red Hd, Boat Ramp Bch & Washerwomens Bch
Coordinator:   Gary Barton
Phone: 44561654
Workdays: Last Thursday and 1st Staurday of the month
Suburb: Manyana

Milton Rainforest Regeneration Group
Restoration of the Milton Rainforest behind Milton Public School - via the end of Church St
Coordinator:   Chris Symons
Phone: 4454 1607 (h)
Workdays: 3rd Friday of each month 9 am - 12 pm
Suburb: Milton

Mollymook Dunecare - Bannister Point Nth Bushcare Site
Restoration of headland around Bannister Lodge
Coordinator:   Will Dangar
Phone: 4455 3044
Workdays: Needs be basis
Suburb: Mollymook

Mollymook Dunecare/Bushcare
Restoration of the Bannister Head Littoral Rainforest
Coordinator:   Frances & John* Hepburn
Phone: 4455 4267
Workdays: every Tuesday (except school holidays) 9am
Suburb: Mollymook

Narrawallee Foreshore & Reserves Bushcare Group
Dune and estuarine restoration works around Narrawallee beach and estuary
Coordinator:   Dianne Gray
Phone: 44545473/0409912056
Workdays: Every Tuesday 9am
Suburb: Mollymook

Nowra Veteran Golfers Bushcare Group
Bush regeneration, native gardens and track construction and maintenance.
Coordinator:   John Pratt
Phone: 4421 4624
Workdays: Mondays, alternate between golf and bush surrounds
Suburb: North Nowra

The Grotto Walking Track Bushcare Group
Restoration of rainforest and riparian vegetation on Shoalhaven river at the Grotto Reserve
Coordinator:   Ron Lukin
Phone: 4423 2357
Workdays: Every Tuesday 8 am
Suburb: North Nowra

Bens Walk Bushcare Group
Restoration of the Nowra creek and Bens Walk bushland
Coordinator:   Anthony Jennings
Phone: 4421 0736 0427 210736
Workdays: Last Saturday of every month 8:30am
Suburb: Nowra

Basin Walking Track
Weed control, revegetation and track maintenance on a needs be basis at Bawley Beach Reserve
Coordinator:   Peter Foggitt
Phone: 4443 7123
Workdays: occasionally 1st wed 9:00am, & more, inquire peter
Suburb: Sanctuary Point

Golfers Bushcare (Shoalhaven Heads)
Coordinator:   Noel Schneider
Phone: 4448 7680
Workdays: Mondays, 7-10am
Suburb: Shoalhaven Heads

River Rd -Shoalhaven Heads Bushcare Group
Riverbank restoration - Shoalhaven River
Coordinator:   Lynne* & John Gilchrist
Phone: 4448 7903
Workdays: On a needs be basis
Suburb: Shoalhaven Heads

Shoalhaven Heads Bushcare Group
Restoration of the Shoalhaven Heads dunes
Coordinator:   Noel Schneider
Phone: 4448 7680
Workdays: Every Tuesday, 7:30-9:30
Suburb: Shoalhaven heads

Basin Bushcare
Various urban reserves restoration around the Bay & Basin area, including native gradens
Coordinator:   Norm & Maureen* Webb
Phone: 4443 5080 / 0413 152 670
Workdays: Needs be basis
Suburb: St Georges Basin

William Mulligan - Sussex Inlet Bushcare Group
Undetaking bsuh regeneration along the informal walking track to improve the health bushland
Coordinator:   Scott Morgan
Phone: 0414 785 776
Workdays: 1st wed & 3rd sat every month 1:00pm
Suburb: Sussex Inlet

Dyball Reserve
Coordinator:   Samuel Dunnett
Phone: 44411477/0421981918
Workdays: 2nd Saturday of each month
Suburb: Swan Haven

Tapitallee Reserve Bushcare Group
Restoration of wet sclerophyll forest at Tapitallee Reserve
Coordinator:   Peter Barley
Phone: 0477710724/44460550
Workdays: On a needs be basis
Suburb: Tapintalee

North Head Bushcare Group
Bush regeneration and maintenance of 'One Track for All'
Coordinator:   Robyn Russell
Phone: 4455 1394
Workdays: 2nd Monday of each month, 9.00 am
Suburb: Ulladulla

Rennies Beach Bushcare Group
Headland restoration on the northern end of Rennies Beach
Coordinator:   David Bond
Phone: 4455 2668
Workdays: Second Wednesday each month, 9.00am
Suburb: Ulladulla

Warden Head Bushcare Group
Bush regeneration on the northern side of the Lighthouse Oval reserve
Coordinator:   David Bond
Phone: 4455 2668
Workdays: 4th Friday of each month at 9.00 am
Suburb: Ulladulla

Vincentia Bushcare Group
Bush regeneration and weed control at various reserves around Vincentia
Coordinator:   Barbara Liddle
Phone: 0418 460 594
Workdays: Every Tuesday morning 9am
Suburb: Vincentia

Wrights Beach Bushcare Group
Bush regeneration of foreshore reserves around Wrights beach
Coordinator:   John Fimmano
Phone: 0413 332 709
Workdays: On a needs be basis
Suburb: Wrights Beach

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