Coastal Management Plan

Coastal Management Planning 2018

Coastal Councils in NSW are required to prepare coastal zone management plans under NSW Government coastal legislation. Shoalhaven Council’s Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) 2012 was prepared under the NSW Coastal Protection Action 1979. This Act has been replaced by the NSW Coastal Management Act 2016 as part of a reform of the NSW coastal management laws.

Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018 (11MB PDF)

The appendices to the CZMP 2018 are the expert reports that have been prepared on Council’s behalf to inform the actions listed in the document.

Background Information

The CZMP 2012 remained in draft form until 2018. The reasons for this are outlined in the figure below and relate to the NSW Government Coastal Reforms, Stages 1 & 2.

D18 218023 Final Graphic - CZMP-TIMELINE.compressed

Following a detailed review and update of the CZMP 2012, it was forwarded to the NSW Minister for the Environment and certified as the 2018 Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Shoalhaven Coastline in June 2018.

Coastal management plans are required by NSW legislation to focus on managing the risks associated with coastal hazards. The map below shows the locations of all the actions in the CZMP 2018.

Coastal Zone Mangement Sites

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