Collingwood Beach Dune Vegetation Management

Collingwood Beach Dune Vegetation Management


Draft Council Dune Vegetation Management Plan for Collingwood Beach

The draft Council Dune Vegetation Management Plan for Collingwood Beach which has been developed over the last two years after extensive community consultation was placed on public exhibition until 15 November 2016.  The Plan and its appendices - Appendix A, Appendix B and Appendix C can be viewed here.

The plan was originally developed by environmental consultants NGH, however NGH raised concerns about modification requested by Council in regard to zone 5 and asked their branding be removed from the modified plan.

The Council draft plan includes a map that identifies management zones along the dune system.  Each management zone has defined objectives and activities.  A short explanation of each management zone can be accessed here - zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, zone 4, zone 5.

In order to facilitate the interpretation of the draft Council plan, signage indicating the start and finish points of each zone has been placed on site.  A sign for each management zone has also been placed at a location that provides an indicative example of the zone once works would be complete.

The plan is to be implemented on a 5 year trial basis. The monitoring proposed over the 5 years will inform the development of a longer-term management plan.

Collingwood Beach Preservation Group - alternative approach

Council has also resolved to exhibit an alternative approach developed by the Collingwood Beach Preservation Group (CBPG).  Enquiries on this alternative approach can be sent to

Public exhibition

The public exhibition is now closed.  Shoalhaven City Council would like to thank all the community and petitioners who made submissions to the draft Collingwood Beach Dune Vegetation Management Plan and the Collingwood Beach Preservation Group Alternative Approach.  Thank you for your input, contribution and comments.

In view of the petitions and submissions received, Council did not adopt either of the two plans that were placed on public exhibition.  Councillors decided in response to the submissions received and position of relevant government agencies, to engage consultants NGH Environmental and a coastal expert to revise approach and work with key government agencies to gain their endorsement.

The revised approach will reflect the new Coastal Management Act 2016 management objectives. 

As part of the review, a consultant will assess and consider a reasonable balance between appropriate vegetation and the vista of Jervis Bay from the cycleway.  A revegetation plan for the dune and a strong policy that responds to vandalism will also be considered.

A new report to Council will be presented in July 2017.

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