Bomaderry Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

Bomaderry Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

Shoalhaven City Council has engaged Cardno to assist with the preparation of the Bomaderry Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan.

The Risk Management Study and Plan follows from the Flood Study, completed in 2010, which identified existing flooding behaviour within the Bomaderry Creek catchment. The purpose of this Risk Management Study and Plan is to identify and recommend appropriate actions to
manage flood risks in the catchment. Your feedback on the accompanying questionnaire will play an important role in the project.

Existing Flooding Issues

The Bomaderry Creek Flood Study (BMT WBM, 2010) identified the two main areas of flooding within the study area. The upper catchment floodplain, upstream of Bomaderry Gorge shows extensive flooding resulting from Bomaderry Creek and its tributaries.

Flood extents are contained within the Bomaderry Gorge and significant flooding results in the lower part of the catchment, within Bomaderry township itself (particularly along Bolong Road) and near the confluence with the Shoalhaven River.

The 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) flood extent is shown in the figure below. A flood with a 1% AEP has a one in a hundred chance of being exceeded in any year.

Study Area

Bomaderry Creek has a number of tributaries including Good Dog Creek, Browns Creek and Tapitallee Creek.

The upper catchment consists of steep, heavily vegetated lands from the mountain plateau consisting of Cambewarra Mountain and Browns Mountain. The central part of the catchment comprises broad floodplain near the township of Cambewarra.

Bomaderry Creek flows through Bomaderry Gorge and subsequently through the township itself where it flows into the Shoalhaven River..

Floodplain Management Process

Council’s Northern Shoalhaven Natural Resources and Floodplain Management Committee (the Committee) oversees the Floodplain Management process. The Committee includes representatives from Council, Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), State Emergency Service (SES), NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), and representatives of the local community.

Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan Objectives

The objectives of the study and plan are:

Floodplain Risk Management Study

Find an appropriate mix of management measures and strategies to effectively manage the full range of flood risk in accordance with the NSW Government Floodplain Development Manual (2005) through an effective public participation and community consultation program. The information from this study will enable Council to formulate a Floodplain Risk Management Plan for the study area.

Floodplain Risk Management Plan

Formulate a cost effective plan for the study area based on the findings of the Floodplain Risk Management Study and provide a priority program for implementation of the recommended works and measures in accordance with the Floodplain Development Manual. The plan will detail how the existing and future flood risk within the study area will be managed.

Floodplain Risk Management Options

The following list of Floodplain Risk Management options presents some strategies that could be considered to minimise the risk and reduce the impact of flooding throughout the Bomaderry Creek floodplain. These options will be considered in further detail during the preparation of the Risk Management Study and Plan.

Property Level Survey

As part of the study, a survey team from Council will be collecting flood levels and ground levels of properties within the Bomaderry Creek floodplain. This data is being collected to enable us to accurately determine how properties are affected by flooding. The levels will also be used to calculate damages resulting from flood events and to assess the effectiveness of proposed flood mitigation options. The survey will be conducted from now until end of March 2014.


During the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan process, consultation will be undertaken with the community in order to establish a comprehensive list of management options.

In addition to the accompanying Questionnaire, which can also be found on Council's website, you will have further opportunities to comment on the direction of the project during the public exhibition periods of the Draft Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, as well as a series of community workshops conducted by Council and Cardno.

Any comments received during the workshop will be taken into account before finalisation of the study and plan.

For further information regarding this project please contact:

Ailsa Schofield
P: (02) 4429 3237
F: (02) 4422 1816

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