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There are many ways your business can become more sustainable while also reducing costs and material.

Save Energy

  • Rebates of $5000 or up to 50% are available for small businesses to implement recommended upgrades that have a payback of more than two years through the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program.

  • Businesses that spend over $35 000 per year on their electricity bill can receive between 50 to 80% government help to receive a detailed energy assessment and consultant support to develop business cases for upgrades through the Energy Saver program.

  • Medium and large businesses can join 545 other innovative and foward thinking NSW businesses by becoming a member of the Sustainability Advantage program. This comprehensive program helps businesses reduce costs and risks, enhance productivity and supplier and customer relationships, and access Energy Saver support and the Recognition Scheme.

  • Learn how to conduct an energy assessment of your own business and access other activities for free that can help you identify ways to cut your energy bill. Register in the Grow Me the Money program for these resources and many more.

  • Low Carbon Australia offer energy efficient equipment to businesses small and large. If you don't have the capital for big upgrades you know you should make, your business can lease the equipment!

  • The Energy Efficiency Exchange is a joint initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments administered by the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. It provides quality information from respected national and international sources in one location.

Save Water

  • Shoal Water has many tips and tools to help you save water and reduce the costs to your business.

Reduce Waste

  • Reducing waste is an important part of business operations and sustainability - waste accounts for a large percentage of costs and reduction can save businesses thousands

  • What else could your business recycle? This comprehensive recycling directory covers recycling services for just about anything: from coffee grounds to bricks to office furniture plus more!

Buying Green

Procurement is often overlooked as a way to remain sustainable - can you save money by buying green?

Often selective procurement will lead to reduction in waste and transport costs as well as other benefits like local purchase.

  • Australian Green Procurement database offers alternatives to a large range of business supplies

  • ECO-buy is a not for profit that assists organisations in implementing sustainable procurement and building a green supply chain.

  • Ecospecifier a knowledge base of over 6000 eco-products, materials, technologies and resources.

  • LGSA Sustainable Choice aims to increase the level of sustainable purchasing within the local government sector by supporting individual councils and skill sharing between councils on sustainable products and services.

  • The Green Directory is Australia's bone fide online resource for locating genuine green business products and services.

  • Sustainable Property Guide has been designed and developed in partnership with Colonial First State Global Asset Management.

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