Your Environment

Your Environment

Shoalhaven has an exceptionally rich natural environment. It marks the southern most extent for a range of species who exist further north and marks the start of the home range for others heading south. This cross-over results in a very rich and diverse ecosystem because the number of different vegetation types provides a range of habitat suitable for many and varied species. This attracts tourists from all over the world.  

Did you know?

The natural environment

Plants and animals

  • Shoalhaven has over 140 species which are considered to be threatened. Find out more about Shoalhaven's shore bird recovery program.  
  • Your development application might need to consider the needs of local flora and fauna.
  • Access our range of resource materials for kids and schools about threatened species including colouring in sheets by contacting Council's Development and Environmental Services Group.
  • Discover our native birds on one of the many bird walks you can do in the Shoalhaven.

Coasts and rivers

How can I help?

  • Consider joining a Bushcare or Parkcare group to help improve the condition of native areas near you!
  • Reduce the amount of smoke emitted from your wood fire
  • Learn how to recognise environmental weeds and if you see them, remove them.
  • Choose wisely for your garden. Plant species that won't invade our natural areas.

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