Your Home and Garden
Building or renovating your home.

The Your Home Guide is a good place to begin. The Eco Directory has links to many of the goods and services you will need along the way but don’t forget the other end of the process – plan to Recycle or re-use as much as possible. The DIY Safe webpage from the NSW Health Department has information about some of the nasties you may come across along the way.

Keeping your house clean - sustainably
The It's a Living Thing website has lots of information about living sustainably.

For more natural cleaning tips try


Check out Greenbox regional food co-operative and support local farmers and encourage the use of sustainable farming practices.

Visit local producers using the local Harvest Trail Maps. Map A & Map B.

Hate wasting food? Check out the Love Food, hate waste site. As well as information about the environmental impacts of food and food waste there are great tips about:

  • Menu planning
  • Smart shopping
  • Sustainable Celebrations
  • Health and nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Food storage

Check out their Resources page for menu planners and shopping lists.

Reuse your jars and pickle or preserve some of the produce you’ve grown using the above resources. For a huge range of recipes and how to information, go to the National Centre for Home Food Preservation.

Get creative and revamp, repair, and reuse your wardrobe and furnishings:

The garden
Want to grow your own food and have some chooks or do you love a sleek, modern landscape design style? The only problem we can see is the huge amount of resources out there. Here are some places to start you off ...

The Sustainable Gardening Australia website, About Gardening and the Shoalhaven Permaculture Network are all great websites with lots of information about designing and growing your garden. Think about how you will use the spaces in your garden, who will use them and how you can make it welcoming and safe for all who visit.

Keep your kitchen garden growing through all the seasons with this seasonal gardening guide and also check out the well-known ABC Gardening Australia website for its planting guides for vegies.

If you are thinking about keeping some chickens or ducks, visit the Shoalhaven Poultry website to find out about upcoming poultry auctions. Council has a fact sheet detailing the requirements for keeping poultry and fowl on residential premises that you should have a look at to ensure your family’s health as well as maintain good neighbourly relations.

Of course, for strong, healthy vegies, you can’t go past compost.

Council now provides free mulch for your garden to save water, help reduce weeds and provide habitat.

By using organic pest control and companion planting your backyard will be a safer and friendlier place for your family and friends as well as providing habitat for birds, frogs and wildlife. Project sheets for building nest boxes and other great fact sheets about the critters that call you garden home can be found at the Backyard Buddies website.

You can find more information about the sharing your space with the birds and wildlife of the Shoalhaven on our own website. Have a look at our Bushcare link to learn about plants listed as noxious or those that considered urban weeds.

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