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Shoalhaven City Council offers free  workshops in household sustainability covering topics such as Bokashi/Probiotics, Healthy Soil, Healthy Life, composting, worm farming, natural cleaning , organic veggie gardening and Love Your Leftovers

The workshops are offered at various times throughout the year and are available for all residents in the Shoalhaven.

Bookings to all workshops are essential. Interested participants can book for a workshop at Council’s Waste Management events site (new window).

For more information phone Waste Services on (02) 4429 3129.

Bokashi/Probiotics for house and garden

Probiotics are friendly bacteria required for good health and vitality and are among an array of beneficial microbes identified as being important links between plant, animal, human and environmental health.

You will learn how to make your own Bokashi, a form of recycling that can process all kinds of food scraps including those not suitable for traditional composting. Find out about the many uses probiotics have around the house and garden. You can use them to enrich soil, strengthen plants, promote animal health, use as a household cleaner, odour eliminator and even treat waste water.

Note: this workshop does not cover probiotics for digestive health or human consumption.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Life

In this workshop, participants will gain a new appreciation for the importance of microbes and minerals in our daily life, particularly our health.

We will explore the fascinating links between soil, plant and human health, including the implications for our planet. A must for anyone looking for the inspiration to start a home garden or for those interested in home food production and the wellbeing of our planet. Topics include the soil food web, how minerals and microbes are essential for life and climate change mitigation.

This workshop is theory based and a critical precursor for the upcoming hands-on workshop "A Practical Guide to Soil Health"


Home Compost (Stage 1): Shoalhaven residents who are keen to try composting or already have a compost that just doesn’t seem to work, are invited to come along to a 1 ½ hr workshop on composting. At the end of the workshop, you collect your FREE kitchen scraps/tidy bin for collecting scraps and FREE compost bin. You are encouraged to bring another member of your household. Bookings are essential for all attendees. One set of bins per household.

Home Compost (Stage 2): A follow-up to Compost 1 where we look at the next level of composting & gain a greater understanding of the compost process. Learn about different styles of compost, troubleshooting and how to get better quality compost faster. Participants must have completed a Compost Stage1 workshop to attend this workshop.

Worm farming

Worm Farming: Are you interested in learning how to set up a worm farm? What do you feed worms? What do you do to with worm “wee”?? What is so great about a worm farm anyway? How can worm farms help reduce waste? Come along to a fun and interesting 1 ½ hr workshop on worm farming and find out!

Natural Cleaning

Natural Cleaning: Are you interested in replacing chemical based household cleaners with natural alternatives? Conventional, chemical based household cleaners can be harmful to our health, detrimental to the environment and create toxic waste.

During this workshop, you will learn about:

·                potential impacts of conventional cleaners

·                natural cleaning ingredients and recipes

·                making your own natural cleaners

You will also make a natural cleaner to take home!

So, if you’ve always been interested in non-toxic, natural alternatives to household cleaners, now is your chance to learn! 

Organic veggie gardening

Home Organic Vegetable Growing (Part 1): You asked for it! During this workshop you will be introduced to useful concepts that will guide you in creating a home vegetable  garden as well as teach you the practical skills to use your compost and worm castings; make a home veggie box; make your own potting mix and why & how to build a no dig garden plus more……

Love Your Leftovers (Stage 1 & Stage 2)

These interactive workshops aim to increase awareness and understanding of the economic and environmental impacts of food waste as well as create a platform for positive behaviour change in relation to food waste generation and food waste avoidance. Tools to assist in this process include looking at menu planning and shopping for food as well as what staples to have stored in your fridge, freezer and cupboard.

Love Your Leftovers (Stage 1): Are you tired of throwing out food that is past it's "use by" date? Do you want to stop wasting food and start saving money instead? During the Love Your Leftovers (Stage 1) workshop, wholefoods chef Adam Guthrie will give you tips on food storage and portion sizes as well as advice on pantry staples for making great meals quickly. You will learn to menu plan, shop smart and "love your leftovers"!

Love Your Leftovers (Stage 2): Do you find yourself throwing out dinner leftovers and lots of unused vegetables at the end of the week? Are you tired of wasting all that food and money? In this workshop, whole foods chef Adam Guthrie will show you quick and easy ways to use up those leftovers. Adam will demonstrate how to make your leftovers into hearty one pot meals, super salads, easy, tasty tapas and other delicious meals that you can have on the table within 30 minutes or less. Saving you time and money in the kitchen. Best of all, you get to taste each of the meals Adam prepares during the workshop.Participants must have attended  “Love your Leftovers” Stage 1 workshop to attend this workshop.

Waste mgt events
Want to know what events are coming up about recycling, composting etc?

Check out the Waste Management events (new window).


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