Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Who doesn’t? We all love our food and yet we all seem to waste a lot of it. Wasting food wastes money. A lot of money.

Aussies in NSW alone waste nearly a million tonnes of food a year in fact. That is over $1000 worth of food per Aussie, filling up our landfills. Sad isn’t it?

What is Food Waste?

Food waste is a complex social, economic and environmental problem that is having an increasingly negative impact on our world.

Food waste results from preparing and cooking food. It is the food we throw in the red landfill bin, we feed to our pets or toss in the compost or worm farm. It's the food we bought to eat but then threw away. There are two types of food waste: 'avoidable' and 'unavoidable' food waste.

 'Avoidable' food waste includes food that:

  •   gets wasted because we buy more than we need 
  •   is out of date before we use it
  •   gets wasted because we cook more than we need.

'Unavoidable' food waste is food waste that can not usually be eaten e.g. pineapple skins, tea bags and fruit and vegetable peelings. It is the food waste we can not really do anything further with apart from composting it or putting it in the red landfill bin.

Shoalhaven City Council supports the NSW EPA Love Food Hate Waste campaign. This is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about food waste and the impact it has on our environment. It helps us to avoid food waste and save time and money by better planning, shopping smarter and better storing our food.

Council periodically runs Love Food Hate Waste themed workshops to help build the community's skills and capacity to avoid food waste at home. These workshops are run as part of the Home Sustainability program. There are currently no Love Food Hate Waste workshops scheduled for the first half of 2018.

To find out about how the decisions we make every day in the supermarket and in the kitchen affect the world we live in, visit the

Love Food Hate Waste website. You will also find lots of hints and tips on reducing food waste, including recipe ideas for using up your leftovers.

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