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Collection schedule

Domestic kerbside recycling in the Shoalhaven is a fortnightly service. Your recycling bin is picked up on the same day as your garbage bin. 
Check the calendar below for your collection schedule and page 2 will display suburbs in Area 1 and Area 2.

Go to My property details to enter your address and see what day your garbage is collected

Recycling Calendar (PDF 596KB)

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What can be recycled

Many household items can be recycled through the yellow lid kerbside recycling bin including: 

  • Newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets & envelopes
  • Flattened cardboard & cardboard boxes
  • All rigid plastic bottles & containers e.g drink bottles, milk bottles, margarine & ice cream containers, shampoo & detergent bottles 
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Glass bottles and jars (all colours)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel cans e.g baked bean tins, pet food cans etc
  • Aerosol cans - just take the spray nozzle off

Note: Please rinse your recyclables with leftover dishwashing or sink water, NOT fresh water

A word on lids: lids from plastic bottles can either:

1. remain on the bottle or container and be placed, together with the bottle/container, in the yellow lid recycling bin or

2. be removed and placed in the red lid garbage bin.

Plastic lids placed loosely in the recycling bin are too small to be captured in the recycling process.

Metal lids from glass jars can be removed from the jars and placed loosely in the recycling bin. The powerful magnet used in the sorting process will capture those metal lids for recycling.

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What can't be recycled

You cannot put organic garden waste in your recycling bin, or items listed below:

  • Window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses - For example wine glasses and tumblers. These are made from toughened glass and contaminate or interfere with the recycling process.
  • Light bulbs - Light bulbs contain many materials other than glass and separation of all these materials for recycling is not viable. Note that the annual Chemical Collection service will accept fluorescent globes and tubes, refer to Special programs for further information.
  • Food contaminated paper/cardboard - e.g. Pizza cartons. They have food waste and oils on them and contaminate or interfere with the recycling process.
  • Plastic bags - Your local supermarket may have a recycling bin for plastic checkout bags. It is not economically viable to recycle plastic bags through a combined kerbside recycling system such as ours. Plastic bags often contain material that contaminates the recycling process e.g. shopping dockets. People also mistakenly put recyclables into plastic bags then put it in the recycling bin. Recyclable material is hand sorted over a conveyor belt, and there is no time or opportunity for the sorters to open and sort through bags. Plastic bags can get caught up in the sorting machinery & cause blockages & breakdowns.
  • Paint tins and motor oil cans - Paint tins and motor oil cans are rarely clean and any residue interferes with the recycling process. NOTE:  Motor oils can be taken to the waste depots, at no charge, all year round for recycling.  Paint is accepted at Household Chemical Cleanout events - refer to Special programs for further information.

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What happens next

Recyclables collected from the kerbside bins in the Shoalhaven are taken to the Materials Recovery Facility in Bomaderry. The trucks are emptied and the recyclable material passes over a series of conveyor belts where all the different material types are separated. This sorting process is mostly done by hand! Separated materials are baled and sent on to re-processing facilities all around the country to become new products.

Old newspapers are recycled into things like cardboard, kitty litter, house insulation and egg cartons. Steel cans are recycled into new steel cans.

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Recycling tips

  • NEVER use fresh water to rinse recyclables, just use leftover dishwashing or sink water. 
  • Make sure paper and cardboard isn't contaminated with food, metals, glass or plastic. TIP - the paper not recycled can be used for lots of things around the house. For example: wrapping food scraps, and making compost and mulch. 
  • Don’t put waxed cardboard cartons e.g. boxes often used for transporting fruit/veg, or plastic coated paper bags e.g. cereal bags, in your recycling bins. 
  • Crush your cans to save on space in your recycling bin. Make sure there are no foreign objects such as stones in the cans as these can interfere with the recycling process. 
  • All steel cans are recyclable - even aerosols, food & oil cans, sardine cans and baby food cans. If you’re not sure whether it's a steel can, check it with a fridge magnet as steel is magnetic! 
  • No plastic shopping bags - they interfere with the recycling process and should be avoided! However, many supermarkets collect used plastic bags for recycling. It is more economically viable to recycle plastic bags via supermarket collection bins due to the cleanliness and volumes of bags collected.

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More recycling

There are other special programs for certain types of items, including chemicals, electrical goods etc.

Recycling Brochure PDF (2mb)

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