Waste Services Availability

Waste Services Availability - Bushfire & Flood Recovery

This page has been updated as of 10.30am 12 February 2020.

Bushfire Waste

The NSW and Federal Government have agreed to clean up properties damaged by bushfires at no cost to the owner. For more information go to NSW Bushfire Clean-up Contractor

Prior to removing waste in bushfire affected areas residents are reminded:

  • Building waste generated by a bushfire often contains contaminated material like asbestos. A damage assessment must be undertaken.
  • To ensure their insurers are advised and have conducted their assessment and approved waste removal.
  • No asbestos is to be handled by unqualified people to ensure their and the community’s safety
  • Council has been advised that Public Works are co-ordinating the removal of waste for uninsured owners – contact Service NSW on 13 77 88
  • Insurance Companies may also fund or co-ordinate the removal of waste for insured owners

Private Property Bushfire Clean Up Project

  1. The State Government will take responsibility for managing and funding all clean up works on insured and uninsured structures affected by the bushfires.
  2. The State Government will prepare and enter into a Plain English deed with each property owner outlining the clean-up operation in concise and simple terms.
  3. The State Government will ensure that a certified asbestos contractor will issue the site clearance to certify that all sites are “clean” and asbestos free at the conclusion of the site works.
  4. The State Government will monitor air quality at nominated urban locations until these locations are cleaned up. The results of the monitoring will be publicly available via a website as determined by the State Government.
  5. The State Government will fund the establishment and operation of a temporary “Building Waste Sorting Facility” at the West Nowra Waste Facility.
  6. All site material that is free of asbestos (ie clean waste) in the Shoalhaven will transported to the West Nowra Waste Facility where is will be sorted by Council staff and recycled (approx. 60%) or landfilled (approx. 40%). The State Government will pay Council the landfill gate fee minus the Stage Government Levy which has been waived by the State Government. The payment of gate fees will cover the cost to restore landfill space as a result of the bushfire.
  7. The State Government will transport all Asbestos Containing Material to a facility outside the Shoalhaven for safe disposal and all costs will be met by the State Government.

Asbestos Waste

In accordance with safe work practice and licencing provisions, asbestos waste can only be received by Council as follows;

  • West Nowra (small hand loadable loads and large loads that are contained in certified bags for transport and confinement of "Packaging Group III" solid dangerous goods)
  • Ulladulla (small hand loadable loads ONLY)
  • Large loads must be booked in advance

Council’s “Asbestos Safe Disposal Guide” is full of useful information and can be found at: https://shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/Environment/Waste-and-recycling

Council cannot accept asbestos material (properly bagged or otherwise) at our smaller transfer stations and cannot accept large asbestos loads at Ulladulla.

If the depot operator considers that there is a potential for asbestos to be in a load taken to a small transfer station (i.e. Lake Conjola) or large load taken to Ulladulla the customer will be advised on how to dispose of the load.

Illegal dumping of asbestos is a very serious matter.

Management Plan for bushfire impacted waste

The State Government has appointed a contractor, Laing O’Rourke Australia, to clean up bushfire affected properties. The contractor will utilise the property assessment provided by the RFS or Public Works to determine the way forward.

If the property is impacted by asbestos materials or other contaminants:

  • Laing O’Rourke will appoint a certified asbestos contractor to remove all the waste material from the property to a point where they are able to certify that it is free of asbestos 
  • The asbestos contaminated material will be loaded into a truck and transported to either Woodlawn or Windellima, both landfills licensed to accept friable asbestos, for safe disposal 

If no asbestos is present at the property:

  • Laing O’Rourke will appoint a local contractor to remove the waste and clean up the property
  • The waste will be loaded into trucks and transported to the West Nowra Landfill
  • At West Nowra the fire impacted waste materials will be processed through a sorting facility in order to remove and recover as many recyclable materials as possible. The facility will include:
    o Slow Speed Waste Shredder Hire
  • o Mobile picking station
    o Waste handler - 20-24 tonne
    o 2 x Screens (trommel, vibratory or star)
    o Density separator
    o Demolition Shears for existing 40t excavator
    o Temporary shed structure for receival hall 
  • The remaining materials, anticipated to be mainly ash and fines that have potentially been contaminated by chemicals, will be landfilled

We Are Ready!

The State Government contractor (Laing O’Rourke) given the job to clean up bushfire affected properties, will bring all non-asbestos contaminated waste to West Nowra landfill. Council will provide plant and equipment to sort through and recycle as much of the waste as possible. These items of plant were delivered to West Nowra Depot and Council are ready to process bushfire impacted materials.



Flood Impacted Waste

Multiple homes and properties have been inundated by flood waters from the recent rain event, particularly at Shoalhaven Heads and Lake Conjola and possibly others. This creates the potential for health risk if waste is left in-situ for prolonged periods.

To assist residents affected by flooding Council will implement the flood waste disposal plan in specific areas.

From Wednesday 12th February to Saturday the 29th of February Flood Waste Disposal will be free of charge at Lake Conjola, Berry, West Nowra, Huskisson and Ulladulla depots.

To have access to the free disposal customers will be required to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Address of the property where the flooding occurred
  • Contact phone number
  • Signature

To accommodate the predicted uptake of this service Council will increase staff, depot hours and days at Lake Conjola Recycling and Waste Depot.

Lake Conjola Recycling and Waste Depot  The depot will be open for extended days and hours as follows:

Wed 12 February – 8am to 4pm
Fri 14 February – 8am to 4pm
Sat 15 February – 8am to 4pm
Sun 16 February – 8am to 4pm
Mon 17 February – 8am to 4pm
Wed 19 February – 8am to 12pm
Fri 21 February – 8am to 12pm
Sat 22 February – 8am to 12pm
Sun 23 February – 8am to 12pm
Mon 24 February – 8am to 12pm
Wed 26 February – 8am to 12pm
Fri 28 February – 8am to 12pm
Sat 29 February – 8am to 12pm
1 March onwards - normal hours of operation (Sat and Sun between 8am and 12pm)

Hook Lift Bins

Hook lift bins will be provided in the community that will allow affected residents to dispose of perishable or potentially putrescible flood waste and to offer those that are unable to attend the waste depots a disposal opportunity.

From Thursday 13 February for a period of one week bins will be placed at  
  • LAKE CONJOLA  Community Centre, Lake Conjola Entrance Road 
  • SHOALHAVEN HEADS corner of Hay Ave and Wharf Road

The hook lift Bins will be serviced as required with signage displaying for residents to call 44293111 to have the bin serviced.

Please do not overfill the bin or dump waste around the bin. Council will strive to respond as soon as calls come in to indicate that the bin is full. 

Recycling and Waste Depot Locations & Buy Back Centres

Council has 10 Recycling and Waste Depots (or " tips " ) at various locations throughout the Shoalhaven.

Buy Back Centres are located at seven (7) of these Depots. See below for details.

The links to Google maps below all open in a new window.  

 Location  Address 

 Opening hours 

Please note: All Depots and Buy-Back Centres are closed on all public holidays, (except Easter Monday for those Depots with Monday opening hours)

  Bendalong 1110 Bendalong Rd

1pm - 5pm  |  Sat & Sun

(closed all Public Holidays)  

  Berry 175 Agars Lane

8am - 4pm  |  Fri Sat Sun Mon
Buy-Back Centre: 8am - 12pm Sat Sun. 

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)

  Callala 270 Coonemia Rd

8am - 4pm  |  Fri Sat Sun Mon 
Buy-Back Centre: 8am - 12pm  |  Sat Sun

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)

  Conjola 488 Lake Conjola Entrance Rd

8am - 4pm | Wed 12, Fri 14, Sat 15, Sun 16, Mon 17 Feb
8am - 12pm | Wed 19, Fri 21, Sat 22, Sun 23, Mon 24, Wed 26, Fri 28, Sat 29 Feb

From Sunday 1 March, normal operating hours of 8am - 12pm Sat & Sun will resume.

  Huskisson 235 Huskisson Rd

Open 7 Days  |  8am - 5pm  
Buy-Back Centre: 10am - 4pm  |  Open 7 Days

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)  

  Kangaroo  Valley 205 Bendeela Rd

9am - 1pm  |  Sat Sun Mon 
Buy-Back Centre: 9am - 1pm  | Sundays

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)  


374 Murramarang Rd,
Bawley Point

9am - 1pm  |  Fri Sat Sun  

(Closed Public Holidays)

  Sussex Inlet 40 The Springs Rd

9am - 3pm  |  Fri Sat Sun Mon 
Buy-Back Centre: 9am - 1pm Sat Sun. 

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)  

  Ulladulla Lot 37 Pirralea Rd

Open 7 Days  |  8am - 5pm
Buy-Back Centre: 10am - 4pm |  Open 7 Days 

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)

  West Nowra 120 Flatrock Rd, Longreach

Open 7 Days  |  8am - 5pm
Buy-Back Centre: 10am - 4pm  | Open 7 Days

(closed all Public Holidays except Easter Monday)

All Depots and Buy-Back Centres are closed on public holidays, except Easter Monday for those Depots with Monday opening hours.

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