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Noxious weeds in the Shoalhaven

Local Control Authorities (called LCAs) are Local Government Authorities that are responsible to ensure that noxious weeds are controlled throughout New South Wales.  This responsibility is allocated to Local Control Authorities from the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.

How and why are some weeds declared noxious?

Weeds in New South Wales fall into two broad categories, declared noxious weeds and other weeds, sometimes termed environmental weeds.  A plant may be both a declared noxious weed and an environmental weed dependant on where it is growing.  Some native plants are considered by some to be weeds; however, it is highly unlikely that native plants would be declared a noxious weed.

Categorisation of noxious weeds

Weeds are declared noxious in New South Wales by the State Government which acts upon advice from a State body called the Noxious Plants Advisory Committee.  This Committee comprises representatives from interest groups that are concerned with the control of weeds within New South Wales.  The Noxious Plants Advisory Committee considers the threat potential of a plant, the distribution of the plant, the availability of successful control measures and the intent of the community to control plants if they are declared a noxious weed.

Responsibility for the control of noxious weeds

Once a weed has been declared a noxious weed either on a State wide or local area, Local Control Authorities have the responsibility for ensuring that the weed is controlled.  To do this Council’s Weed Inspectors carry out inspections on private property and enforce the provisions of the Noxious Weeds Act.  Council is responsibility for the control of noxious weeds growing on roadsides and land under the control of Council.  Other State authorities are responsible for the controlling noxious weeds on the land they administer.

Control classes

The Noxious Weeds Act 1993 specifies five control classes for noxious weeds.
Weed Control Classes (new window) Noxious Weeds Act Part 2 Section 8. 

Control of noxious weeds

Landowners and occupiers should be able to identify noxious weeds growing on their properties and be familiar with the control requirements for that particular weed.

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