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Food premises inspections

Shoalhaven City Council inspects all food premises where food is prepared for sale to the public to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2003 and all other relevant legislation.

Since 2008 Council has been part of the “NSW Food Regulation Partnership”. Council’s role in this partnership involves an undertaking to perform the following functions;

  • Routine inspections of food premises
  • Investigation of complaints about food premises
  • Enforcement action upon retail food premises (where necessary)
  • Emergency response action in relation to food recalls (when required)

All inspections conducted by Council are unannounced and focus on specific critical food handling practices. Examples of such practices include; temperature control, personal hygiene (hand washing), food processing, cleanliness, food storage practices and pest control.

Food premises inspection frequency (risk categories)

 Risk Category   Inspections per year
 Level 0 (Low Risk – Incident Only)  No inspection unless complaint received
 Level 1 (Medium Risk)  One inspection per year
 Level 2 (High Risk)  Two inspections per year
 Level 3 (High Risk)  Three inspections per year

Factors considered when determining a food premises risk category include the type of food premises, the size of the premises and the history (performance) of the premises in relation to compliance with the Food Act 2003 and all other relevant legislation.

Food premises inspection and administration fees

All food premises inspection fees are $140 per inspection irrespective of the risk category. This fee does not apply to the Low Risk – Incident only category.
Annual Administration fees vary according to the risk category of the food premises:

Risk Category      Fee
Level 0 (Low Risk – Incident Only)  No administration fee 
Level 1 (Medium Risk)  $87.50
Level 2 (High Risk)  $128.75
Level 3 (High Risk)  $360

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