Current Tenders, Quotations and EOIs

Unless otherwise stated documents for the works shown below are available for download free of charge from Council's e-tendering portal.

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Ref Closing Time  Closing Date  Type   Description Documents 
55576E 10:00AM 23/11/2017 Tender Construction of Roundabout Intersection of St Vincent St & Church St,Ulladulla Tender
56452E 10:00AM 28/11/2017 Tender Design &Construct - Moona Moona Creek Shared User Path Bridge, Huskisson Tender
56628E 10:00AM 5/12/2017 Quotation Manufacture Outdoor Electrical Control Panels Quotation
56497E 10:00am 14/12/2017 Tender Replacement of Timber Bridge Tender
55454E 10:00AM 07/02/2018 Tender West Nowra Waste Processing Facility Tender


Ref Closing Time Closing Date Type Description Public Tender List
54500E 10:00AM 24/01/2017 EOI Water Billing Systems Solution Click here
56562E 10:00AM 14/11/2017 Tender Vegetation Management - Bushfire Mitigation Program October 2017-April 2020 Click here
54262E 10:00AM 24/01/2017 Tender Bunkers Hill Road, Browns Mountain Road and Mount Scanzi Road - Landslip Repairs Package 2 Click here
54537E 10:00AM 02/02/2017 Tender Local Government Software Implementation Services Click here
54253E 10:00AM 02/02/2017 Quotation Aquatics and Leisure System Click here
54203E 10:00AM 02/02/2017 Quotation Facilities Booking System Click here
54676E 10:00AM 02/02/2017 Quotation Construction of a Learn To Ride Facility - Thomson Street, Sporting Complex, Sussex Inlet Click here
54405E 10:00AM 07/02/2017 Tender Bolong/Gerroa Road Intersection & Coolangatta Rd Upgrade Click here
54593E 10:00AM 09/02/2017 Tender All Ages All Inclusive Play Space Mollymook Beach Reserve Click here
54736E 10:00AM 14/02/2017 Tender Design & Construct Ulladulla Harbour Northern Boat Ramp & Jetty Click here
54739E 10:00AM 16/02/2017 Quotation Design, Supply & Construct Playground, Pacific City Park, Vincentia Click here
54548E 10:00AM 17/02/2017 Quotation Replacement of Perimeter Fence Stage 2 Flat Rock Water Treatment Plant Click here
54825E 10:00AM 21/02/2017 Tender Management and Operation Burrill Lake Holiday Park, NSW Click here
54515E 10:00AM 28/02/2017 Tender Construction of the New Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Click here
54907E 2:00PM 28/02/2017 Tender Sanitary and Nappy Disposal and Cleaning Services for IPJO Councils Click here
55008E 10:00AM 14/03/2017 Tender Carpark Construction Ellmoss Avenue Sussex Inlet Click here
55086E 10:00AM 22/03/2017 Quotation Clearing & Grubbing Woollamia Industrial Estate Click here
55197E 10:00AM 30/03/2017 Quotation Supply/Delivery of Lathe Click here
54403E 10:00AM 04/04/2017 Tender Bolong Road Shoulder Widening Click here
54959E 10:00AM 04/04/2017 Tender Management & Operation of Comerong Island Ferry Service 19 July 2017 to 18 July 2022 Click here
55119E 10:00AM 05/04/2017 Quotation Construction Dent St Huskisson Paddle Craft Launching Facility Click here
55006E 10:00AM 06/04/2017 Tender Route Upgrade & Roundabout Construction - Flinders Rd, South Nowra Click here
53884E 10:00AM 18/04/2017 Tender Shoalhaven River Levee Flood Damage Restoration 2017 Click here
55116E 10:00AM 19/04/2017 Tender Construction Streetscape Upgrade - Worrigee Street, Nowra Click here
50392E 10:00AM 26/04/2017 EOI Provision of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services Click here
55405E 10:00AM 27/04/2017 Quotation Two Way Radio Vehicle Installations Click here
55120E 10:00AM 02/05/2017 Tender Construction Woollamia Pontoons and Boatramp Extension Click here
55273E 10:00AM 03/05/2017 Tender Construction of a roundabout at the Intersection Deering & Jubilee Streets, Ulladulla Click here
55058E 10:00AM 04/05/2017 Tender Management and Operation of the Kangaroo Valley Holiday Park,NSW Click here
54404E 10:00AM 04/05/2017 Tender Bendalong Road Conjola - Shoulder Widening and Pavement Overlay Click here
55275E 10:00AM 04/05/2017 Tender West Nowra Recycling and Waste Facility - New Waste Transfer Station Click here
55407E 10:00AM 09/05/2017 Tender Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Kerry St & Paradise Beach Rd, Sanctuary Point Click here
55343E 10:00AM 11/05/2017 EOI Archer Memorial Sculpture Click here
55462E 10:00AM 17/05/2017 Quotation Sustainable Tourism Plan Click here
55430E/1 10:00AM 01/06/2017 Tender Shoalhaven Water Telemetry System Upgrade - Package 1: SCADA Software Enhancements Click here
55430E/2 10:00AM 01/06/2017 Tender Shoalhaven Water Telemetry System Upgrade - Package 2: Supply of Hardware Click here
55430E/3 10:00AM 01/06/2017 Tender Shoalhaven Water Telemetry System Upgrade - Package 3: Installation of Hardware Click here
55159E 10:00AM 8/06/2017 Tender Lower Shoalhaven River & St Georges Basin Floodplain Risk Management Study & Plan Click here
55619E 10:00AM 8/06/2017 Quotation Remove Old Equipment & Design, Supply & Construct Playground, Titania Park, Greenwell Point Click here
55442E 10:00AM 13/06/2017 Tender Timber Bridge Replacement Croziers Rd, Jaspers Brush & Bugong Fire Trail, Budgong Click here
55618E 10:00AM 13/06/2017 Tender Supply Landfill Tarp Placement System Click here
55052E 10:00AM 14/6/2017 Tender Management & Operation of the Huskisson Beach Holiday Park, NSW Click here
55529E 10:00AM 15/06/2017 Tender Construction IEMC Pad Mount Sub Station Schedule of Rates Contract  
55744E 10:00AM 28/06/2017 Tender Manufacture & Install of Relocatable Holiday Park Cabins & Ensuite Units Click here
55727E 10:00AM 29/06/2017 Quotation Geotechnical Investigation Works 2017/18 Local Road Repair Program Schedule of Rates Click here
55057E 10:00AM 19/07/2017 Tender Management & Operation of the Lake Tabourie Holiday Park, NSW Click here
55456E 10:00AM 20/07/2017 Quotation Design & Construct - Fishermans Paradise Pontoon Click here
55788E 10:00AM 27/07/2017 Quotation Membrane Replacement - Kangaroo Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant Click here
55184E 10:00AM 10/08/2017 Quotation Provision of Investment Advisory Services Click here
56041E 10:00AM 18/08/2017 Quotation Design, Supply and Construct Playgrounds

Click here

56099E 10:00AM 22/08/2017 Tender Lake Tabourie Tourist Park Pool Click here
56104E 10:00AM 23/08/2017 Tender Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing of Pavements Shoalhaven Area October 2017 to June 2018 Click here
56043E 10:00AM 29/08/2017 Tender Design & Construct - Timber Bridge Replacements Unnamed Road Off Burrier Road Burrier Click here
56139E 10:00AM 29/08/2017 EOI Provision/Operation Nowra Library Mobile Cafe,10 Berry St, Nowra

Click here

56156E 10:00AM 12/09/2017 Tender Ulladulla Sports Park - Additional Netball Court Construction Click here
56208E 10:00AM 12/09/2017 Tender Library Services Mobile Van Click here
56187E 10:00AM 13/09/2017 Quotation South Mollymook Beach Cost Benefit & Distribution Analysis for Protection Works Click here
56190E 10:00AM 14/09/2017 Quotation Bamarang Water Treatment Plant Filters Penstock Valve Replacement Click here
56154E 10:00AM 21/09/2017 Tender Construction - Streetscape Upgrade Jacobs Drive, Sussex Inlet Click here
55726E 10:00AM 25/9/2017 Tender Supply/Delivery of Roasted Coffee Beans to Council Facilities Click here
56275E 10:00AM 19/10/2017 Tender Proposed Workshop & Offices for Shoalhaven Water at Councils Southern Depot Deering St, Ulladulla Click here
55274E 10:00AM 20/10/2017 Tender Human Waste Removal Services Click here

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