Single use unisex toilets

Single use unisex toilets


Single use means that the facility has one door from the outside that accesses the toilet space. You have the space within the toilet to yourself. It is not shared with other patrons.


  • Persons feel safer using single use toilets
  • Equality access for all – everyone treated equally as a person regardless of gender or disability if toilet caters for persons with disabilities

The majority of the facilities comply for use by persons with disabilities. Those that do can also act as a family room and some even have nappy change facilities.

As a Parent or carer, you are able to take children or older persons under your care or persons with disabilities of opposite sex into the same toilet.

In low utilisation areas just one toilet is required and all share equally.

If there is a choice of two or more toilets

  • Two persons of the same gender can utilise a toilet at the same time, rather than a toilet sits vacant and a person waits and
  •  if both toilets are compliant for persons with disabilities then one is usually left-hand transfer and the other right-hand transfer

If there is a choice of three or more toilets, then the third toilet is usually ambulant compliant.

Council has single unisex toilets (no-shared - all gender) at 27 locations including the following:





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