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Community strategic plan

The Shoalhaven  Community Strategic Plan (PDF 380kb), lays the ground work for taking our city toward 2023. Over 1,000 citizens and stakeholders contributed to the Council's work in reviewing the vision, objectives and strategies developed in Shoalhaven 2020 to reflect community aspirations in the City's revised Community Strategic Plan – Shoalhaven 2023.

Leading the City's planning hierarchy, the Community Strategic Plan identifies the community's main priorities and expectations for the future and ways to achieve these goals.  It will support a City that is sustainable, has strong and resilient communities and nurtures a skilled economic base, with leadership that thinks strategically and acts collaboratively.

There is also an  executive version (PDF 557kb) of the Community Strategic Plan available.

Related documents:

IPR framework

Council has adopted the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) requirements of the Local Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Act 2009 and the Local Government General (General) Amendment (Planning and Reporting Regulation) 2010.

The adoption of the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) in June 2010 was the most notable outcome of this commitment to Integrated Planning and Reporting.

The IPR framework also includes:

  • The CSP Engagement Strategy (July 2009) 
  • The Resourcing Strategy, addressing sustainable long term financial, asset management, workforce and technology and telecommunications planning (first adopted June 2010).
  • The Delivery Program and Operational Plan to June 2013 (PDF 1MB), reviewed annually.
  • Fees and Charges, reviewed annually 
  • An Indicators Framework, integrated into the IPR components (first adopted June 2010)
  • Six monthly and yearly progress reports

"Integration” is the key concept of the IPR framework, adding to the range of governance frameworks that will guide Council, staff, our community and stakeholders in working together to meet the challenges and opportunities of the next ten years.
Council has a continuing commitment to progressive improvement of the Integration of our planning, resourcing, delivery and reporting, as we embrace and implement the new framework in practice.

Community vision and Council's mission

Shoalhaven vision 2020

We will work together in the Shoalhaven to foster a safe and attractive community for people to live, work, stay and play; where sustainable growth, development and environmental protection are managed to provide a unique and relaxed lifestyle (adopted by Council, 22 June 2010).

Mission statement

To enhance Shoalhaven’s strong communities, natural, rural and built environments and appropriate economic activities through strategic leadership, good management, community engagement and innovative use of resources (adopted by Council, 22 June 2010).

Resourcing strategy

The  Resourcing Strategy establishes a high level, strategic view of the means by which Council can achieve the objectives and strategies set out in the Community Strategic Plan.  It outlines the financial sustainability principles and addresses in detail:

  • Long term financial planning
  • Workforce planning
  • Asset management planning and
  • Information technology and telecommunications planning.

Delivery program and operational plan

The Delivery program outlines Council's activities planned for the period to the end of the current Council term.

The Operational Plan consists of specific tasks identified to be undertaken in the current financial year as part of the Delivery Program Activities, together with the related financial, rating, capital works program, budget, fees and charges and other details.

The  2016/2017 Delivery Program and Operational Plan (PDF 7.3MB) provides detail for the delivery of the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) Objectives and Strategies, and form the basis of Council's business planning and reporting.

The document consists of four parts:

A. General Information and Strategic Context
B. How Council is responding to the Community's Strategic Plan
C. Operational Plan - Revenue Policy, Budget and related information
D. Operational Plan Capital Works Program

The  Fees and Charges for form a separate document and Council has a page dedicated to this information. 

Indicators framework

Council's reporting under the indicators framework (PDF 296kb) must include:

  • methods of assessment of progress on certain IPR elements,
  • a report presented by the General Manager to Council at least every six months on progress against the adopted Delivery Program,
  • progress of the Delivery Program reported in the Annual Report.

Council will monitor its progress towards achieving the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan using two sets of measures:

  • "Community Progress Indicators" measuring progress towards achieving the Objectives of the Community Strategic Plan,
  • "Strategic Progress Indicators" measuring results and progress towards achieving the Strategies of the Community Strategic Plan, addressing each of the Key result areas - Community, Environment, Economy and Leadership.

"Operational Performance Measures" will measure trends and progress on Activities in the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and be reported to Council on a quarterly basis.

Progress reporting

Council's Delivery Program uses indicators and action completion to measure progress on Activities. The status of each Activity identified in the Delivery Program is shown as either completed, on target or off target. Comments are provided to address the off target Activities.

Six monthly report for Council - July to December 2016 (PDF 7MB)

In addition to IPR progress reporting Council publishes State of the Environment reports every four years.  Also a 'report card' style update will be posted in each of the interim years. You can view these document by referring to the  State of the Environment webpage.

Community strategic plan (CSP) community engagement strategy

Citizens, their communities, and other stakeholders represent many kinds of collective interests on a wide range of issues and places, and collectively form "the community". 

In 2009 and 2010 - through the  CSP Community Engagement Strategy (PDF 251kb) - the Council invited the community to engage in the analysis, debate and planning processes required to develop a new Strategic Plan.

This enabled the Community Strategic Plan's vision and strategies to reflect community aspirations, in turn supporting Council as it leads the community and the city towards its future vision.

The Mayor and Councillor’s End of Term Report

The Mayor and Councillors' End of Term Report covering the period June 2010 to July 2012 can be viewed by clicking on the following link. The End of Term Report has been written for the people of the Shoalhaven reflecting on the achievements of the current Council and providing recommendations on key challenges to the next Council.

The Mayor and Councillor’s End of Term Report

Annual Reports

Shoalhaven Community Report 2015 - 2016

Previous years

Annual financial statements and auditors reports

Year ended 30 June 2016 (PDF 7.9MB)

Previous years

Previous strategic documents

Integrated Planning & Reporting documents from July 2010

Prior to July 2010 Council used the CityPlan, Council Management Plans, Group Plans and Annual Reports.

A history of the previous documents are linked here.

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