Delivery Program & Operational Plan 2016

What are the key highlights of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan?

  • Capital spend of $60M (General Fund) including $30M for roads and related infrastructure    
  • Capital spend of $68M (Sewerage Fund)
  • Capital spend of $21.4M (Water Fund)
  • Major projects to be rolled out across the Shoalhaven

Shoalhaven City Council has adopted the Delivery Program & Operational Plan 2016/17 (DPOP)

View the DPOP (PDF 7.3MB)

What are the changes that are proposed to the rating calculations?

The following comments are made in respect of each category of ordinary rate to be levied by Council:

Residential:  will be levied an ad valorem amount of .24153 across all categories and sub categories consistently, which equates to 51% of the total rate, with 49% of the residential rate levied as a base amount.

Farmland: is split into a further sub category for dairy farmland, the increase to dairy farmers included the rate peg plus the rate peg from the Farmland category, along with a % of the catch up from the previous year.  The ad valorem for Farmland did not change and will be levied at .19165 or 24% of the overall rates levied, with Dairy Farmers being levied at an ad valorem of 0.09868 or 32% of the overall rate levied.

Business: is split into further sub categories for Commercial/Industrial, Nowra, Ulladulla and Permit.  All sub categories will utilise the same base rate of $505, excluding Business Permit where no Base amount is applied given the type of properties within this category.  However different ad valorems have been applied depended upon the level of service provided in each area.

Read Council's Media Release about Rating Categories

Why does Council Charge Rates ?

Council provides a wide range of services, which benefit the community. These include managing and maintaining expensive infrastructure such as local roads, the Library, Museums, sports stadium, sporting grounds, childcare centres, parks, playgrounds and street lighting. Council also provides services such as planning and development assessment and economic development. One of the ways in which Council funds these services is through their statutory power to charge Council rates.

Rates account for the largest portion of Council funds. Fees and charges, and grants from the federal and state governments make up the balance

How is my land categorised for rating-Residential,Business or Farmland ?  

In accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1993 Council must declare each parcel of rateable land to be within one of the following categories: Residential, Business, Farmland or Mining.

A rating category is determined purely on the dominant current use of your property. Categories do not change zonings, or permitted use or, create subdivision entitlements. The Act is very specific on the requirements for each category. If you wish to find out more about rating categories please contact (02) 4429 3210.

A ratepayer can, at any time apply for a change of rating category by completing a Change of Category Application Form. All applications are reviewed and processed in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993 and any changes made will be in accordance with the relevant sections of the Act. You must notify Council within thirty (30) days if a change to your rating category occurs. Alternatively, Council periodically conducts audits and may change your rating category following such an event.

If you are dissatisfied with Council’s declaration of the category of your land after it has been reviewed, you may appeal to the Land & Environment Court within 30 days of the declaration being made, under Section 526 of the Local Government Act, 1993. 

How does Council calculate my rates?

When Council is preparing its budget for the new financial year, it considers how much revenue will be generated from rates. Council is limited to a maximum percentage that can be raised from rates. This restriction is called rate pegging and it is set by the Minister for Local Government each year.

Council uses a combination of a base amount and an ordinary rate. The ordinary rate is subject to an ad valorem being applied to the current value of the land. The base amount and ad valorem vary depending on which rating category your land belongs to.

The base amount is a fixed charge levied equally against all rateable properties within a rate category, which in effect spreads the burden across all ratepayers. The base amount can vary across rate category types but not within categories.

The ad valorem is a variable charge set as a proportion of land value, it is the percentage amount per dollar applied to the value of the land. The ad valorem rate can vary across the rate categories.        

Sample rate calculator
Base amount + (individual land value x ad valorem rate) = annual ordinary rates
For example: Mr Jones owns land in the residential rating category, which has been valued at $175,000 The base amount applicable is $414.05
The ad valorem rate for a residential property is 0.0017913

$414.05 + ($175,000 x $0.0017913) = $727.55

Will my rates change?

The rates calculator for residential properties can provide you will a guide about how any changes will affect you.

Rate Calculator

Did you know?

  • The Shoalhaven has one of the lowest rate base of any other Council in its group (which includes Maitland, Tweed, Wollongong, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour) with an average of $967 per annum; and is one of the lowest in the region.
  • State Government cost shifting costs Council between $6-10M per year.
  • The Federal Government has also introduced a 3 year freeze on the annual financial assistance grants that will see council lose close to $1.2 million in revenue.
  • Council has one of the largest local government areas on the coast with roads and services required for 49 geographically spread towns and villages.




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