Integrated Strategic Plan

Integrated Strategic Plan

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Shoalhaven’s Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) has been developed to help streamline the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) suite of documents that forms part of the IP&R framework. This document replaces the previous Community Strategic Plan format.

The Integrated Strategic Plan is divided into several chapters including the Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Delivery Program & Operational Plan (DPOP) and Council's financials.

Integrated Strategic Plan - Full Document

Chapter 1 – Our Priorities (CSP)

Plain text version (PDF - 0.5MB)

Chapter 2 – Delivery Program & Operational Plan (DPOP)

Plain text version (PDF - 0.3MB)

Chapter 3 - Financials

Plain text version (PDF - 0.2MB)

Chapter 4 - Fees & Charges

Plain text version (PDF - 0.2MB)

Chapter 4 - Attachment A - Fees and Charges

Plain text version (PDF - 3.9MB)

Chapter 5 - Budget and Capital Works

Plain text version (PDF - 4.2MB)

Chapter 6 - Resourcing Strategy

Plain text version (PDF - 2.8MB)

Additional versions of the document which include imagery and other highlights will be available here shortly.

Key highlights of the Integrated Strategic Plan

  • Capital spend of $61M (General Fund) including $23M for roads and related infrastructure
  • Capital spend of $111M (Sewer Fund)
  • Capital spend of $21.4M (Water Fund)
  • Major projects to be rolled out across the Shoalhaven
  • Setting the future direction for the next four years
  • Measures to determine how we are travelling
  • How the special rate variation will be spent

IPR Framework

The IP&R Framework establishes a structure that allows engagement with the Shoalhaven community as well as integrating Council’s financial, assets and workforce resources to best meet the needs of community and Council.


Community engagement through the Community Engagement Strategy provides a comprehensive structure for gaining community feedback on the needs and wants for the Shoalhaven. Through community consultation a 10-year Community Strategic Plan (CSP) was developed and published. The CSP sets out the community’s long term vision for Shoalhaven.

Council’s four-year Delivery Program and one year Operational Plan addresses Council’s commitment to achieving its part in the CSP. Council’s Resourcing Strategy details the resources available to Council to deliver the Delivery Program Goals and Operational Plan Actions. Reporting on the progress of achieving Priorities, Goals and Actions closes the loop and provides Council and community with important information for the next iteration of the IP&R cycle.

Community vision and Council's mission

Shoalhaven vision 2020

We will work together in the Shoalhaven to foster a safe and attractive community for people to live, work, stay and play; where sustainable growth, development and environmental protection are managed to provide a unique and relaxed lifestyle (adopted by Council, 22 June 2010).

Mission statement

To enhance Shoalhaven’s strong communities, natural, rural and built environments and appropriate economic activities through strategic leadership, good management, community engagement and innovative use of resources (adopted by Council, 22 June 2010).

The Mayor and Councillor’s End of Term Report

The Mayor and Councillors' End of Term Report covering the period June 2010 to July 2012 can be viewed by clicking on the following link. The End of Term Report has been written for the people of the Shoalhaven reflecting on the achievements of the current Council and providing recommendations on key challenges to the next Council.

The Mayor and Councillor’s End of Term Report

Indicators Framework

Council will monitor its progress towards achieving the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan using two sets of measures:

  • "Community Progress Indicators" measuring progress towards achieving the Themes of the Community Strategic Plan,
  • "Annual Strategic Indicators" measuring results and progress towards achieving the Priorities of the Community Strategic Plan

"Operational Performance Measures" will measure trends and progress on Activities in the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and be reported to Council on a bi-annual basis.

Community Survey Report - 2018

Results of the 2018 Community Survey have now been published and the report can be found using the following link.

The survey report is based on a 400 plus phone survey that took place in September 2018. The primary function of the survey was to gain feedback on the community's satisfaction with Council’s services. This information is then used by Council to better improve it’s service delivery and resource planning.

The survey also measures the community's “Happiness Index” which is made up of personal health and wellbeing questions.

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