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Watch What You Flush

Shoalhaven Water is reminding customers to watch what they flush after seeing an increase in sewer chokes.  

With many in the region turning to alternatives to toilet paper, Shoalhaven Water would like to remind customers that only toilet paper can be flushed. All other items do not break down and not only cause a choke in the sewer line but may clog customers systems causing an overflow.  

Common causes of a sewer blockage include wet wipes, kitchen paper, rags, nappies, sanitary pads and tissues. Council recommend if residents feel the need to use toilet paper alternatives that they dispose of these alternatives in their kerbside red bin.  

Signs of sewer blockage may include:  

·        Toilets, basins, baths or tubs are slow to empty  

·        Toilets overflow or fill higher than usual  

·        Yard gully overflows when the toilet is flushed or when basins or baths are released  

·        Sewer access pits overflow  

·        Gurgling noises occur in sanitary drains 

For further information on sewage blockages, residents are encouraged to visit;

  • Watch What You Flush

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