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Microchipping and registration

Cat and dog owners must permanently identify their pet with a microchip, and register them for the lifetime of the animal. This is a requirement of the Companion Animals Act, and the NSW Companion Animals Register contains this information which enables lost animals to be returned to their owner. Your pet must wear a collar and tag with your contact details.


All cats and dogs in NSW must be permanently identified with a microchip before the animal is 12 weeks old or when the animal is sold or given away. The steps are:

  1. When the animal is microchipped, a Permanent Identification form must be completed.  The form must contain the bar coded sticker with the implanted microchip number.  The authorised implanter (such as a Vet) that does the microchipping should have this form. 
  2. The authorised implanter will provide you with a pink copy of the Permanent Identification form, the yellow copy will be sent to Council, who will send you a Certificate of Identification.  If you do not receive this Certificate within two weeks, please contact your local Council.


All dogs and cats in NSW must be lifetime registered by the time they are six months old. The Registration is a one-off payment and is for the life of the animal while residing in NSW.  Registration can be paid at any Council within NSW. Registration is free for assistance animals such as guide dogs, otherwise costs are:

  • Desexed animal                                           $58
  • Pensioner concession (desexed animal)     $25
  • Animal not desexed                                     $210
  • Breeder concession                                     $58
  • Desexed animal sold by eligible pound/shelter
    not owned by Pensioner                               $29

To get your pet registered, you must:

  1. Have your animal microchipped 
  2. You will also need to provide extra information, which includes:
    • Certificate of Identification 
    • proof of desexing  (Vet Certificate preferred or Companion Animals Act Statutory Declaration(209kb) NB Your signature on a Statutory Declaration must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.)
    • NSW pension card
    • additional information will be required for breeders including :-
      • a current membership card and breeders prefix from one of the listed organisations
        • Dogs NSW
        • NSW Cat Fanciers Association
        • Waratah State Cat Alliance
      • documentation verifying the animal is a pure bred animal
      • a signed statement by the owner that the animal is to be kept entire for breeding purposes 
  3. Payment can be made in person at Council's Customer Service Centre at Nowra or Ulladulla or by mail to Shoalhaven City Council.  Relevant paperwork must be attached to claim a reduced registration fee. 
  4. Council will process your payment and post you a Certificate of Registration.
  5. Alternatively, visit the NSW Government Website to access the Pet Registry where you can create a profile and claim your existing pet. You can update your address and contact details, change ownership of your pet and pay most lifetime registration fees online.

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