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Ratepayers who hold a pension concession card and can meet the criteria may be eligible for a reduction on their Rates and Water accounts. 

I have a pension card; does Council give me a concession on my Rates and Water?

Did you know that if you own a property and you have a current pension concession card issued from Centrelink, or a gold card from Department of Veterans Affairs AND you reside at the property being your sole or principle residence you may be eligible for a pension rebate on your Rates and Water? Department of Veterans Affairs cardholders must also meet one of the following:-  
  • You are a widow or widower of a member of the Australian Defence or Peacekeeping Forces, or  **
  • You are the unmarried mother of a deceased unmarried member of either of those forces, or  ** 
  • You are a widowed mother of a deceased unmarried member of either of those forces, or  ** 
  • You are a TPI under the Veterans Entitlement Act, 1986, or 
  • You receive a general rate of pension adjusted for extreme disablement under section 22 (4) of the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986 of the Commonwealth, or a special rate of pension under section 24 of that Act
  • You receive a payment under S234(1)(b) of the Military Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) of the Commonwealth
Please note: points highlighted with ** means these applicants will be subject to an assets test to determine eligibility in accordance with the allowable threshold set by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

If you become an eligible pensioner part way through the year and meet the above conditions, your rebate will commence from the beginning of the next quarter billing cycle. Alternatively, if your pension concession ceases part way through the year your rebate will cease at the end of the current quarterly billing cycle.

Pension rebates will not be granted for prior years, retrospective applications will only apply to the current year.

Persons applying for a rebate on a property with multiple owners will have their application assessed according to the eligible pensioners percentage of ownership.

A Pensioner Rebate Application form can be completed at the Nowra or Ulladulla Administration Office during normal business hours or alternatively you can download the Pension Concession Application Form. (PDF 38kb) Please note: A photocopy – both sides of your pension card, must accompany your application form.

For all enquiries regarding pension concession rebates please contact Councils Pension Rebate Officer on (02) 4429 3328.
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How much of a reduction on my Rates and Water am I entitled to as a pensioner?

As an eligible pensioner, you will receive:- 
  • Half of the total of your ordinary Rates and Domestic Waste Management Service charge, up to a maximum of $250 
  • Half of your Water rates or charges, up to a maximum of $87.50 
  • Half of your Sewerage rates or charges, up to a maximum of $87.50
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As an eligible pensioner, do I get any other concessions?

If you are receiving a pension rebate on your Rate account you may decide not to pay your Rates in full until the due date of the final instalment (31st May) each year without incurring interest. Should your payment be received after the 31st May interest will be added to your Rate account for late payment. You will also have 12 months following each quarterly Water account to pay your Water account without incurring any penalty.

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