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Mandatory critical stage inspections

If you have appointed Council as your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) you will need to arrange for the relevant inspections to be carried out at the appropriate stages of construction. Council will have already notified you in writing of the mandatory critical stage inspections and any other inspections required for the development.

How do I book an inspection?
What must be inspected?
How do I know the result of the inspection?

How do I book an inspection?

To book an inspection, please contact Council’s Development Services on (02) 4429 3211 with the following information:
  • Development Application number
  • Type of Inspection
  • Date of inspection
  • Name and contact phone number
  • Address of property to be inspected
You are advised:
  • The booking should be made at least 24 hours before the inspection is required
  • Work must be ready at the time of the inspection, otherwise Council may charge a re-inspection fee
  • Any dogs on the premises must be restrained

What must be inspected?

There are a number of mandatory critical stage inspections that must be carried out by your PCA. If these inspections are not carried out the PCA may not be able to issue an occupation certificate. It is a mandatory requirement of the legislation that an occupation certificate be obtained before a building is occupied. 

The mandatory critical stage inspections required by the legislation are listed below and are dependent upon the type of building you are constructing.

It is the responsibility of your PCA to advise you of the inspections that are required for your development.

Residential work – Class 1 & 10 buildings

Examples include dwellings, alterations and additions, garages, carports, swimming pools, etc. The mandatory inspections are: 

  • footing
  • slab and other steel reinforcement
  • frame (including floor)
  • wet area waterproofing
  • stormwater
  • final/completion
Multiply dwellings – Class 2, 3 & 4 buildings

Examples include multi unit developments, and residential components of commercial or industrial buildings. The mandatory inspections are: 
  • first footing inspection
  • wet area waterproofing
  • stormwater
  • final/completion

Commercial and Industrial Buildings Class 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 buildings

Examples include offices, shops, factories and commercial buildings. The mandatory inspections are: 

  • first footing inspection
  • stormwater
  • final/completion
Other Inspections

Under the plumbing and drainage approval issued by Council (if applicable) additional inspections such as internal and external drainage, sewer connection, stormwater and final inspection may also be required.

Additional inspections to those nominated above may be required by the PCA.

Final Inspection

When all building works have been completed you will need to book a final inspection. Once the final inspection has been completed and passed, an Occupation Certificate will be issued.

The Occupation Certificate authorises the occupation of the building.

How do I know the result of the inspection?

A coloured sticker (Red – Do not proceed further, Orange – minor defects were found or Green – you may proceed with construction) will be left on site or you will be advised by telephone of the outcome of the inspection.

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To book an inspection
(02) 4429 3211

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