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If you are considering demolishing, building, renovating, subdividing land, occupying premises or using land within the Shoalhaven, you may need to submit a development application

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Prelodgement Meetings
For larger or more complex proposals within the Shoalhaven, it would be useful to have prior discussion with Council's assessment staff

Development types
Once you have established the work you wish to undertake on your site, you then need to establish the type of development it will be in order to get the appropriate approval

  • Exempt and Complying development
  • Local development
  • Joint Regional Planning Panels; and
  • Major Project Assessments - Part 3A 
  • Jerberra Estate

Development related DCPs and policies
When carrying out development or building works in the Shoalhaven, a number of documents set their standards, controls, regulations and guidelines.

Development steps
Detailed information on the steps involved when lodging a Development Application (DA) with Shoalhaven City Council

Clearing of vegetation for development
Council needs to assess the impacts of your proposal on Biodiversity and threatened species in accordance with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 requirements

What happens after lodging my DA?
Detailed information on the process involved after the lodgement of your Development Application (DA)

Development applications advertised
Lists development applications for comment showing the current status and relevant documents

Other information that may be useful:

Development Application (DA) Tracking
DA Tracking allows you to track the progress of applications from lodgement through to determination

Development Engineering Design
Information to assist with planning and undertaking of various kinds of infrastructure works in the Shoalhaven e.g. driveway construction

Development in bushfire prone areas
Establishes what issues you have to address if your land is identified as bushfire prone

Development in areas of coastal instability
Establishes what issues you have to address for development on sites identified as being at risk from coastal instability 

Flood risk management
Depending on the location of your property and the proposed development, there are a number of issues with regard to flood that needs to be addressed in the design stage and before lodging your development application

Biodiversity assessments

This page provides information and linked documents to ensure applications can be assessed in accordance with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act

Meetings & Agendas

View all agendas and minutes for Council and Committee meetings.
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