Heritage Information

Heritage Information

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The City of Shoalhaven treasures its many beautiful buildings and landmarks and has many systems in place to ensure that our heritage is preserved.

Heritage listing explained - what it means for you
This document answers commonly asked questions about heritage listing and explains the benefits, economic and other affects of a heritage listing and how to plan sympathetic renovations.

Heritage studies
Various heritage studies undertaken by the City.

Heritage database
Council maintains inventory items in the NSW State Heritage database for the city that comprises heritage items, conservation areas, heritage streetscapes and archaeological sites.

Heritage incentives
There are a number of incentive schemes that support the conservation and ongoing maintenance of heritage items within the City which include a free Heritage Advisory Service and Local Heritage Assistance Fund Grants Program.

Heritage instruments and policies
Shoalhaven City Council has a number of plans and policies that provide for the appropriate management of heritage and archaeology within the City of Shoalhaven.

Conservation Management Plans
Council has a number of conservation management plans for various sites in the Shoalhaven.

Heritage links
Useful links providing information on the City of Shoalhaven's heritage.

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