Heritage links

Heritage links

Shoalhaven Historical Society

Shoalhaven Family History Society

NSW Heritage Office
Allows you to search the State Heritage Register and the State Heritage Inventory, which include items within the City of Sydney.  Also provides a list of Publications providing guidance on a range of heritage issues under the 'Publications & Forms' tab, including 'Altering Heritage Assets'; 'Conservation Products and Services'; 'Heritage Consultants Directory'; 'How to carry out work on heritage buildings and sites”: the 'Maintenance series' and 'Principles of Conservation Work on Heritage Places.'
Website: www.heritage.nsw.gov.au

National Trust of Australia (NSW)
The Trust classifies heritage items and keeps a register of these items. The Trust also has a number of useful publications available online.
Website: www.nsw.nationaltrust.org.au

National Trust of Australia (Victoria)
This site has publications under 'Conservation', 'Useful Documents' tabs, including 'Australian Housing Styles' and 'Twelve Tips for Caring for Old Buildings.'
Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.au/vic/Home

NSW Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services
Reponsible for protecting and managing Aboriginal sites, objects and places of special significance to Aboriginal people within NSW.
Website: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/

Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage
Provides access to a number of heritage databases including the Australian Heritage Database, National Heritage List and Commonwealth Heritage List. See 'Heritage' tab on the front page.
Website: http://www.environment.gov.au/

Australian Institute of Architects
Maintains a register of significant 20th century buildings.
Website: www.architecture.com.au

Australia ICOMOS
This is the peak association of heritage professionals in Australia.
ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) is primarily concerned with the philosophy, terminology, methodology and techniques of conservation. It is a non-government professional organisation formed in 1965. It is closely linked to UNESCO with national committees in some 100 countries with the headquarters in France.
The site includes the Burra Charter, the principle document guiding heritage conservation in Australia under the 'Charters and Publications' tab.
Website: http://australia.icomos.org/

Engineers Heritage Society

Australian Society for Historical Archaeology

'Ian Evans’ World of Old Houses
The following website is a one-stop shop of information on conservation of old Australian houses. Ian Evans is the author of a number of popular books on the subject, including 'How to Restore the Old Aussie House' and 'Caring for Old Houses', and co-author of “Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses' and 'More Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses'.
Website: http://www.oldhouses.com.au//

Ulladulla heritage information

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