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Jerberra Estate Planning Controls

New planning controls commenced on 22 February 2014
The Jerberra Estate LEP (Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (Jerberra Estate) 2014) legally commenced on 22 February 2014. (The Estate has a stand-alone LEP for the time being but will be incorporated into the city-wide LEP at some stage in the future.) A site-specific chapter for Jerberra Estate is in the overall Shoalhaven Development Control Plan (DCP) that became effective on 22 October 2014. 
Development applications can only be considered if the proposal meets the relevant planning requirements, including the minimum lot size and development area maps in the LEP, and the detailed controls contained in the DCP. Links to the Jerberra LEP and DCP are provided below. 

Jerberra Estate Planning Controls certifed under cl. 34A of the Biodiversity Conservation (Savings & Transitional) Regulation (updated 26/4/2019)

In 2019 the State Government certified the Jerberra Estate planning controls as a 'relevant planning arrangement' under cl. 34A of the Biodiversity Conservation (Savings & Transitional) Regulation 2017.  As a result, applications for development in the Estate that comply with the biodiversity conservation provisions in the Estate's LEP and DCP (Chapter N20) will be assessed under the legislation that applied prior to commencement of the Biodiversity Conservation Act, 2016Click here to see a copy of the certification and here to see a copy of a letter to landowners dated 29/4/19 explaining what this means.  For further information, contact Council's Environmental Assessment Unit.

A report on the above matter was considered by Council on 4 June 2019. Council resolved to adopt a policy position for Jerberra Estate that requires appropriate covenants to be registered on property titles as part of the development approval process to ensure the BMA, BAC and OMA areas are managed for conservation into the future; and to commence to amend the Shoalhaven Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014 to update Chapter N20 (Jerberra Estate) and S1 (Verons Estate) because of the Clause 34A certification for each Estate.  The next step will be to report the revised DCP Chapters to Council prior to exhibition.

Information for buyers and sellers (pdf - 0.3 mb)

Information for owners of E2 - Environmental Conservation land (pdf - 0.5 mb)

Forms of development that are not 'exempt' in Jerberra Estate (pdf - 0.2 mb)

Register of orders issued by Council to date (opens in separate window). Contact Council's Compliance Unit for enquiries.

Jerberra Estate Development Application Forms 

Before you submit your application, it is recommended that you contact Council's Building and Compliance section prior to lodging your application to ensure your application contains all the necessary information and is consistent with the Estate's planning controls, thereby avoiding unnecessary processing delays.

Essential infrastructure - Design and construction
Essential infrastructure includes roads and perimeter fire trails, road drainage, electricity, and minimal street lighting. Properties will be self-reliant in respect of water and on-site effluent management in accordance with the DCP. Click here to open the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) updated in May 2015. Click here to open the 'Jerberra Estate Infrastructure' page. The Jerberra Estate infrastructure page also provides information on the special rates that commenced in 2015/2016 and will generally be in place for a period of 10 years, as approved by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). 

Information associated with the finalised Planning Proposal
Documentation associated with the Planning Proposal (rezoning) process can be accessed on the State Government's LEP Tracking System. Other background planning information is provided below.

Planning history and other information

The Jerberra Estate subdivision (DP11629) to the east of the village of Tomerong was registered in 1922 but was largely undeveloped and held in two ownerships until 1986. From when the first planning controls were introduced in 1964 until 22 February 2014, the Estate had a rural zoning that effectively prohibited dwellings on the individual lots. However many of the lots were sold separately from 1986 onward on the presumption that the land would be rezoned to allow dwellings. After repeated requests from landowners, in 1992 Council resolved to investigate rezoning the lots in Jerberra Estate to allow residential development.

Report to Development Committee 4 December 2012 on outcomes of Planning Proposal exhibition (PDF 2mb)
EPBC referral for Jerberra Estate (EPBC Reference Number: 2012/6415) (22 kb)
Report to Development Committee 4 October 2011 on Gateway Determination (PDF 2mb)
    MIN11.1029 - Council resolution to prepare stormwater assessment (PDF 16 kb)
Jerberra Estate Planning Proposal on DP&I's LEP tracking system (new window)
Report to Development Committee 7 June 2011 on planning proposal (PDF 1 mb)
    MIN11.545 - Council resolution on 28 June 2011 to submit planning proposal (PDF 18 kb)
Jerberra Estate Planning Proposal - DP&I LEP tracking system (new window)

Landowner survey findings (Survey closed 11 October 2010) (PDF 1.4 mb) 
Report to Development Committee 17 January 2011 (PDF 331 kb) 
    MIN11.14 - Resolution to proceed with 'Option A - Constrained Development' (PDF 17 kb)
NSW Rural Fire Service Practice Note 2/12 on preparing planning instruments & polices for bushfire prone areas [click to open link]
Flora and fauna assessment (BES, 2007) (PDF 2 mb)

Old development scenarios considered by Council

2007 'BES 0ption 2' (also showing substantial structures from 2004 audit) (PDF 1 mb)
2007 option adopted by Council (One dwelling per lot outside of core EPBC areas. Option superseded in 2009) (PDF 2 mb)
2009 Scenario 1 - adopted by Council October 2009 (PDF 1 mb)
2009 Scenario 2 - not adopted (PDF 2 mb)
2009 Council resolution October 2009
See also strategic planning studies

Old rezoning reports & Council resolutions

Property & Planning Committee report - 2 April 1996 (PDF 547 kb)
    MIN96.604 (PDF 20 kb)
Property & Planning Committee report - 8 December 2003 (PDF 136 kb)

Development Committee report - 5 October 2004 (PDF 253 kb)
     MIN04.1330 (PDF 22 kb)
Rates Working Party report - 18 December 2006 (PDF 5 kb)
    MIN07.44 (PDF 22 kb)
Policy & Planning Committee report - 12 June 2007 (PDF 277 kb)
    MIN07.846 (PDF 26 kb)
Presentation to Jerberra landowners 21 June 2007 (PDF 1 mb)
Policy & Planning Committee report - 22 January 2008 (PDF 193 kb)
    MIN08.19 (PDF 22 kb)
Ordinary Meeting report - 13 May 2008 (PDF 124 kb)
    MIN08.641 (PDF 24 kb) 
Development Committee report - 3 February 2009 (PDF 38 kb)
    MIN09.173 (PDF 27 kb) 
Development Committee report - 5 May 2009 (PDF 477 kb) 
    MIN09.586 (PDF 23 kb) 
Development Committee report - 6 October 2009 (PDF 253 kb) 
    MIN09.1382 (PDF 16 kb) 
    MIN10.754 (PDF 53 kb)

Media releases

Infrastructure design commenced 3 April 2014 (PDF 126 kb)
Council welcomes planning controls 19 February 2014 (PDF 206 kb)
Jerberra Estate Planning Proposal on exhibition 4 July 2012 (PDF 132 kb)
Council to prepare stormwater and water cycle assessment 28 October 2011 (PDF 203 kb)

Information day for Jerberra landowners 9 August 2010 (PDF 85 kb)
Mayor meets with Minister 13 July 2010 (PDF 78 kb)
Council considers legal action 29 June 2010 (PDF 82 kb)
Legal action taken against one owner 18 June 2010 (PDF 77 kb)
Council considers advice on Jerberra 8 June 2007 (PDF 48 kb)
Community consultation over small lot rural subdivisions 25 January 2006 (PDF 155 kb)

Special rates - Old reports & information

Report to Rates Working Party 24 January 2005 (PDF 180 kb)
Report to Policy & Planning Committee 8 February 2005 (PDF 56 kb)
    MIN05.125 (PDF 20 kb)
Report to Rates Working Party 16 December 2005 (PDF 121 kb)
    Minute 16 December 2005 (PDF 55 kb)
Report to Ordinary Meeting 20 December 2005 (PDF 56 kb)
Report to Extra Ordinary Meeting 24 January 2006 (PDF 1 mb)
    MIN06.04 (PDF 99 kb)
Presentation to landowners 1 March 2006 (PDF 4 mb)
    MIN08.590 (PDF 24 kb)
Report to Extra Ordinary Meeting 17 June 2008 (PDF 108 kb)
Report to Extra Ordinary Meeting 29 June 2010 (PDF 1 mb)
    MIN10.763 (PDF 16 kb)
Presentation, removal of special rate 16 June 2010 (PDF 21 mb)
Report to Budget Working Party 12 April 2011 on removal of special rates from certain properties in Jerberra and Nebraska Estates (PDF 31 kb)
    MIN11.401 Council resolution on 19 April 2011 to remove special rates (PDF 16 kb) 
Special rate budgets for rezoning, road design and investigations (updated quarterly)

Transfer of land in lieu of unpaid rates

Under this policy Council will, if requested, accept the transfer of land in full satisfaction of rates and charges. See the policy for transfer of land in lieu of unpaid rates (PDF 71 kb)

Roads - Old reports & information

Report to Policy & Planning Committee 8 March 2005 (PDF 190 kb)
    MIN05.273 - Roads (PDF 25 kb)
Report to Policy & Planning Committee 6 Spetember 2005 (PDF 230 kb)
    MIN05.1250 (PDF 22 kb)
Report to Ordinary Meeting 2 November 2005 (PDF 142 kb)
    MIN05.1555 (PDF 22 kb)

Strategic planning studies

Aboriginal archaeological assessment (NSW Archaeology, 2005) (PDF 2 mb) 
Preliminary bushfire assessment (BES, 2006) (PFD 6 mb)
Note: The NSW Rural Fire Service's Planning for Bushfire protection guidelines (new window 34 mb) and the Australian Standard for construction of dwellings in bushfire prone areas (AS3959) have been revised since this report was prepared. Further work has been completed to ensure the planning proposal meets current bushfire planning requirements. 
See also NSW Rural Fire Service Practice Note 2/12 on preparing planning instruments & polices for bushfire prone areas [click to open link]
Flora and fauna assessment (BES, 2007) (PDF 2 mb)
Note: Maps 5 to 8 have been removed having regard to Section 161 of the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974 & Clause 12, Schedule 1 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act, 2009. 
Effluent disposal study (Coffey Geosciences, 2000) (PDF 4 mb) 
Desktop review of onsite effluent disposal (Martens & Associates, 2006) (PDF 776 kb)
Note: there have been significant changes to the relevant standards & guidelines in recent years. Further work will be required in respect of onsite effluent disposal. 
Pacific Pastures environmental study (ERM Mitchell McCotter, 1994) (PDF 6 mb) 
Follow-up letter from ERM Mitchell McCotter to Council 3 Jan 2006 (PDF 130 kb) 
Flora & fauna assessment (AES, 1996) (PDF 1 mb)

Other documents & information

Counselling services (PDF 178 kb)

Meetings & Agendas

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