Nebraska Estate (updated 11 April 2016)

The Nebraska Estate subdivision (DP9699) at St. Georges Basin was registered in 1919 and is currently zoned RU2 Rural Landscape under Shoalhaven LEP 2014.  Dwellings are generally not permissible on the individual lots due the 40 hectare lot size requirement.

Nebraska Estate Planning Proposal (rezoning)

A Planning Proposal (Rezoning) prepared in accordance with Council’s resolution on 31 July 2012 and associated documentation can be accessed on DPE's LEP Tracking System.

The gateway determination allows Council to progress the PP subject to the following:

  • Council must decide on the preferred option for the north western sector before it formally exhibits the PP.
  • An integrated water cycle and stormwater management assessment must be prepared for the adopted development option.[Note: this has not been done for all options to minimise the cost.]
  • The PP is to be finalised within 24 months. [Note: this is to allow sufficient time for Council to seek feedback on the preferred option for the north western sector and then complete the water cycle/stormwater assessment].

A landowner survey was conducted in September-October 2015 to seek feedback on the preferred option for the NW Sector before the water cycle and stormwater management assessment is completed and the matter progresses.  Outcomes from the survey were considered by Council's Development Committee on 5 April 2016 (opens 4.4 mb pdf in new window). Council resolved to proceed with the PP on the basis of the revised version of Option 1 (lower density residential development) as detailed in the report. Click here to view Council's resolution on 5 April 2016 (MIN16.230).

Other relevant information is available below.

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