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Verons Estate

The Verons Estate subdivision (DP9897) at Sussex Inlet contains 32 lots and was registered in 1920.  

New planning controls commenced on 31 October 2014
The Verons Estate rezoning (Amendment No. 1 to SLEP 2014) was notified on 5 September and commenced on 31 October 2014.  The amendment gives effect to the Planning Proposal exhibited in 2013. 

Development Control Plan (DCP) 'Chapter S1' - Verons Estate

'Chapter S1 - Verons Estate' forms part of the new overall Shoalhaven DCP. Shoalhaven DCP, including Chapter S1 came into effect on 22 October 2014.    

  • Click here (opens new window) to go the Shoalhaven DCP page and Chapter S1.  Chapter S1 provides additional objectives, controls and guidance in regard to the rezoning that commenced on 31 October 2014.  It includes details on bushfire risk management, biodiversity conservation and water quality management. 
  • Click here (1 mb pdf - opens new window) to view the report on the Draft DCP that was considered by Council prior to exhibition.  (This includes the Draft DCP that was attached to the report.)
  • Click here (1.6 mb pdf - opens new window) to view the report considered by Council on the exhibition outcomes.

Verons Estate Planning Controls certifed under cl. 34A of the Biodiversity Conservation (Savings & Transitional) Regulation

The State Government  has certified the Verons Estate planning controls as a 'relevant planning arrangement' under cl. 34A of the Biodiversity Conservation (Savings & Transitional) Regulation 2017.  As a result, applications for development in the Estate that comply with the biodiversity conservation provisions in the Estate's DCP (Chapter S1) will be assessed under the legislation that applied prior to commencement of the Biodiversity Conservation Act, 2016Click here to see a copy of the certification.  For further information, contact Council's Environmental Assessment Unit.

In 2019 Council resolved to update DCP Chapter S1 to reflect the Clause 34A certification.  The next step is for Council to consider and endorse the proposed changes to the DCP for public exhibition.

Special rates commenced 1 July 2017 to upgrade the Estate's roads

In late 2016 / early 2017, landowners were asked to provide feedback on a proposed funding arrangement whereby Council would borrow $2.13M to upgrade the Estate’s roads; 83% of the repayments would be met by special rates levied on Verons Estate properties, and Council would meet 17% of the cost based on the potential benefit derived by the broader community.

Landowners were asked to provide feedback on two loan period scenarios: 10 years and 20 years, noting that the special rates would apply for the life of the loan. Just over 40% of respondents indicated that they may or will be able to pay the special rates under the 20-year loan scenario, compared to just under 30% for the 10-year loan scenario.

On 13 June 2017, Council resolved to adopt the Special Rate Variation of 13.2% approved by IPART for the 2017/18 Financial Year.  The Verons Estate Road Upgrade Special Rates commenced from 1 July 2017 and will be in place for 20 years, in line with landowner feedback.   Enquiries: to Council’s Rates and Revenue Unit on (02) 4429 3210.

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