Planning Proposals

Planning proposals

A Planning Proposal is the first step in preparing a Local Environmental Plan (LEP).  A Planning Proposal is a document that explains a request or intended effect of a proposed LEP and sets out the justification for making that plan.  Generally the proposed LEP is intended to amend Council’s principal LEP such as the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2014. 

Further information on planning proposals and making LEP’s can be accessed via the following links:

Planning proposals (Pre-gateway)

The following Planning Proposals have been submitted to Council for consideration but have either not been supported, not continued or have not proceeded to gateway determination at the stage of listing. The Planning Proposals submitted are available for information only.

For a Planning Proposal to proceed, there must be a resolution from Council to support the proposal and forward it to the NSW Minister for Planning for a 'Gateway Determination'.

If there is a resolution to support the rezoning, you will have an opportunity to make a formal submission after a Gateway Determination has been issued and during the public exhibition period.

Subject Land Status Report Submitted
1310 Naval College Rd Worrowing Heights Not supported Pdf Link
Lot 2 DP 1154597, Woncor Avenue, Nowra Hill Withdrawn Pdf Link
Lot 5 DP 1225356, Sealark Road, Callala Bay Under consideration See below links list
Lot 21 & 22 DP 1113675 & Lot 202 DP 1180659, Appleberry Close, Meroo Meadow Under consideration Pdf Link

Note: The above information is NOT the statutory exhibition required by Section 57 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

Contact Council's Strategic Planning section on (02) 44293426 for information on the status of the above proposals.

Proposals which have been submitted for Gateway Determination can be accessed via the following link: LEP Tracking Website.

Further information

Council maintains a register of its planning documents, including planning proposals,LEPs and Amendments.

The following planning documents can be searched in the register:

  • PP: Planning Proposals (external link to lep tracking website NSW Planning)
  • LEP: Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plans and Amendments
  • DLEP: Draft Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plans

Click on the link to see the list of documents of that type. In the registers some items can be selected from the list to view further information.

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