Moss Vale Rd North URA

Moss Vale Road North URA

Council has recently received a package of planning information relating to the Moss Vale Road North (MVRN) Urban Release Area (URA) from the Moss Vale Road North Owners Group.  The draft package of information has been prepared following Council’s decision in August 2017 to commence the detailed planning work for the MVRN URA.

Please be advised that Council has not yet endorsed the package of information or resolved to take it forward.

A report on the package of information is expected to be considered at Council’s August Development & Environment Committee Meeting on Tuesday 6 August 2019. This will be the first formal opportunity for Council to consider the package of information and resolve whether or not to proceed with preparing the PP, DCP and Contributions Plan (CP) which are required to ‘release’ the land for development and enable development applications for residential subdivision to be considered.  

A formal opportunity to provide comments and feedback will be provided during the public exhibition of the PP, DCP and CP – expected in late 2019. 

1. Draft Indicative Layout Plan
2. Draft Zoning Boundary Adjustment
3. Draft Proposed Zones Map
4. Draft Development Control Plan (DCP)
5. Bushfire Constraints Report
6. Infrastructure Report
7. Visual Impact Assessment
8. Biodiversity/Flora & Fauna Report
9. Fauna Survey – Spring/Summer
10. Spring/Summer Survey Results
11. Stage 1 Contamination Assessment
12. Dam Stability Assessment
13. Landscape Study
14a. Flood Study
14b. Flood Maps Existing
14c. Flood Maps Design
15. Aboriginal Archaeology Report
16. Transport Report
17. PP Justification and Background
18. Integrated Water Cycle Assessment

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