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Shoalhaven contributions plan

Contributions plans allow Council to levy contributions on development consents issued for land within Shoalhaven. These contributions assist the provision of community facilities or infrastructure to meet demand created by development.

Shoalhaven contributions plan 2019

The Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 2019 (new window) became effective on 29 May 2019. The Plan is website based and contains a Contributions Calculator that allows the calculation of preliminary contribution estimates for different development types. The Plan also enables you to identify the specific contribution projects applicable to any property in the Shoalhaven Local Government Area.

Shoalhaven contributions plan 2010

The Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 2010 (new window) was effective for the period between 23 March 2010 and 28 May 2019. An archived copy of the Plan, as amended, can be viewed at the above link.

Shoalhaven contributions plan 1993

The Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 1993 was effective for the period between July 1993 to 22 March 2010. The original Plan and subsequent amendments to this plan can be viewed at the above link.

Shoalhaven contributions prior to july 1993

In some circumstances, contributions were charged prior to the commencement of Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 1993. These contributions are detailed in the development approval issued at this time.

Further information

Council maintains a register of its planning documents, including Section 94 Contributions and s7.11 Contribution Plans.

The following planning documents can be searched in the register:

  • S94/s7.11: Section 94 Contributions Plan 1993 & Contributions Plan 2010

Click on the link to see the list of documents of that type. In the registers some items can be selected from the list to view further information.

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