Demountable, inflatable and portable pools

Demountable, inflatable and portable pools

Drowning death statistics - it can only take seconds for a child to drown
It is estimated there are more than 100,000 inflatable or portable swimming pools in NSW, compared to over 340,000 permanent pools. (Source: Westmead Kids Health website, June 2012.)

More than a quarter of all drowning deaths among children in backyard swimming pools in NSW happen in inflatable or portable swimming pools.

There are many more near drowning incidents that occur, some of which result in lifelong brain damage for the child 

Westmead Childrens Hospital - Portable Pools Brochure (PDF 2.73 MB)

What you need to do - Fencing

You must still, by law, have a four sided fence around any pool that is capable of being filled with water greater than 300mm in depth
. Our Swimming Pool Fences section provides information for all owners about fencing requirements.

If you cannot afford to provide a fence around an inflatable/portable pool that is capable of being filled with water greater than 300mm in depth your only option is to purchase a smaller inflatable pool that is less than 300mm in height that you can easily empty and put away after each use.

Shoalhaven Libraries provide online access to the Australian Standard. Hard copies are available for viewing at Council Administrative Offices - Nowra and Ulladulla. Please note due to copyright restrictions, copies of the documents are unable to be made

Do I need Council approval for the construction or installation of a portable swimming pool or spa ?
You will need to check the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 for development standards.  Note - A child-resistant barrier must be constructed or installed in accordance with the requirements of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 .

Swimming Pool Register
Pool owners must register their swimming pool and/or spa pool in a State-wide pool register from 29 April 2013. Pool owners will have 6 months (29 October 2013) to ensure their pool is registered. Penalties will apply for failing to register. Register your pool at

Safety tips
• Always empty the pool when it is not in use. You may wish to recycle the water for use in
   the garden or other areas around the home. Leaving water in the pool is not only a drowning
   risk but water left in the pool can become unclean and cause ill health.

• Always store the pool away from young children when it is not in use. Storing the pool upright

   will prevent small amounts of water being collected in the pool as a result of rain or nearby sprinklers.

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