Regional Sports and Community Precinct Masterplan

Shoalhaven Community and Recreational Precinct (SC&RP) - Bomaderry

VISION: Delivers for the Shoalhaven an integrated community and recerational precinct to meet the needs of the region, operasting on a commercially viable and sustainable basis sevend days a week.

Shoalhaven Community and Recreation Precinct (SC&RP) - Bomaderry

  1. Regional Sports and Community Precinct Master Planning Study (STAGE 1 - FINAL)
  2. Brochure - Shoalhaven Community and Recreational Precinct



  • A precinct which meets today's local and regional community needs and growing demands
  • Rationalisation of an under-performacing asset delivering a viable and appreciating asset
  • Provision of quality facilities in one location (one-stop-shop) and reducing demand elsewhere
  • Attracts elite level sports and activities
  • An effective and sustainable operating commercial platform
  • Specific community service which integrates with sporting groups to deliver health, fitness, education, rehabilitiation and wellbeing services.
  • A safe community meeting place

Community Pavilion floorplan

Precinct Site Plan

An Integrated Community & Recreational Precinct

The integration of recreational activities together with community facilities and services in accord with the ''Future of Australian Sport" 2009 report, which recommended:

  • Co-location of facilities with community facilities
  • Provide a mix of recreational and non-recreational services
  • Strategic management to ensure continuing viability and long-term financial stability

The business strategy developed for the precinct and to be managed by Council, also brings to the development specialists to undertake specific roles, notably:

  • Medical and nursing consultation and support
  • Tertiary education support in the development and implementation of community programs
  • Orthopaedic support for post-operative rehabilitation
  • Food and beverage services
  • Child care

The Shoalhaven Community and Recreational Precinct is projected to have in excess of 500,000 attendees in its first year of operation and to operate on a surplus after three years.

Project Status

The Master Planning Study - Stage 1, report prepared by consultants Acclimate, was adopted by Council on 20th December 2016.

Council is now working with Acclimate on the Stage 2 Master Planning Study which will provide advice on the governance structure and business plan.

The first stage of the SC&RP development - The Shoalhaven Indoor Sports Stadium is now underway and is set for completion by early 2019. This $13.6 million dollar development will cater for sports such as basketball, volleyball, futsal, netball and badminton, along with many other sports and programs.

The next key development stage will be the relocation of the croquet lawns.

Draft Plan - Report to Council

The draft Bomaderry/Nowra Regional Sporting & Community Precinct Master Plan was reported to Council on the 20th December 2016. View a copy of the Council Report. It was resolved at Council's Ordinary Meeting January 2017:

  1. That Council finalise and adopt the draft Bomaderry Nowra Regional Sports & Community Precinct Master Plan with the following amendment and minor amendments in the submissions table:
    1. Allocate funds as outlined below to redesign the Master Plan to:
      1. Allow for the addition of small amenities buildings at the cricket/AFL field, athletics track and rugby league field to include, equipment storage, kiosk and meeting space
      2. Include a new 25m pool designed to meet FINA requirements for competitions for Regional and State events
  2. Council consider allocation of $100,000 in the 2017/18 budget to undertake further studies to progress towards detailed design including traffic studies.
  3. Council continue to liaise with Nowra Croquet Club on an alternate site to relocate the existing croquet facilities
  4. Council consider allocation of $20,000 in the 2017/18 budget to advance a concept design and cost estimates for a like-for-like replacement facility for Nowra Croquet.
  5. Subject to recommendations 4 & 5, Council receive a further report and allocate funding in subsequent budget out years to enable the relocation of the Nowra Croquet Club to align with overall construction program.
  6. Council continue to liaise with Shoalhaven Canoe & Kayak Club on aquatic facility locations for play / storage requirements.
  7. Council receive a report in the first quarter of 2018 outlining more details on staging, costings and possible funding sources.
  8. Council seek grant funding to develop Bomaderry Nowra Regional Sports & Community Precinct after detailed design has been undertaken.
  9. Council continue to work with the various sport and user groups to seek possible partnership funding for relevant aspects of the precinct.
  10. Council continue to liaise with affected property owners being 109, 111, 111A and 113 Cambewarra Road, Bomaderry, and report back to council on the owners current position.
  11. Advise submitters, CCBs, community and sports groups of the resolution of this meeting.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Susan Edwards, Social Infrastructure Planner on (02) 4429 3632.


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